The Golden Mount Temple , top view of old Bangkok

golden Buddha temple
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About  The Golden Mountain Temple

Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan or commonly known as Wat Phu-Khao Thong (Golden Mountain Temple) or Wat Saket was founded since The Kingdom of Ayutthaya, before the foundation of  Chakri Dynasty of The Kingdom of Siam in 1782 A.D. There is the renovation of the temple in the reign of The King Rama I as the area of this temple in near to The Grand Palace.

golden Buddha templeThings to do in Bangkok at The Golden Mountain

Golden Mountain or commonly known as Phu-Khao Thong (informal) or Borom Banphot (formal) was founded since the reign of The King Rama III as the artificial mountain to be the center of the city as same as The Golden Mountain Temple in The Kingdom of Ayutthaya, the previous era before The Kingdom of Rattanakosin. The construction of The Golden Mountain takes 3 reigns to completed due to the soil around the area of construction is too soft to receive the weight of The Golden Mountain hence the construction has been stopped for sometimes and finally completed in the reign of The King Rama V, the duration of construction is 50 years in total. 

mountain of golden Buddha templeThe height of The Golden Mountain is around 100 meters. There is the Buddha’s relics which is invited from India to be placed in the Buddhist’s pagoda on the top of The Golden Mountain. In additional to worship the Buddha’s relics, the tourists can see the top view of Bangkok city and Rattanakosin Island from the area in the top of The Golden Mountain.

Other Things to Explore: Buddhism Paintings and Buddha Statue

Inside of the main building of the temple, there is the Buddha statue which is created followed by the Arts of Ayutthaya and the ancient paintings related to the story of the Buddhist. The tourists will be impressed from the beauty of the Arts inside the building.

Special Event

Mid November of each year, there are the Loy Krathong festival. You can search this festival since it is calculated by lunar calendar. There are 7 days and nights shopping, and open market fair in this temple. It is a big even that everyone should visit.

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Things to do in Bangkok

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