Things to Do in Chinatown, Bangkok Thailand


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Things to do

Top recommended things do in Bangkok which the travelers should not miss is visiting Bangkok Chinatown.

Why Bangkok Chinatown or Yoawarat road is one of the most famous sightseeing?

Shopping, sightseeing, learning history, eating good food are top listing things to do in Bangkok and  Yaowarat road. In this article , Lets tour Bangkok has couples of interesting history and point of interest that visitor could enjoy to share as below.

Big NOTE : if you do not like a lot of people, walking on the street , and street food tasting , maybe Bangkok Chinatown is not a place for you. Well, you know bloger tries to pursue reader the way they think. However in the world of individual preference, I know that there are no such of one product for all. 🙂

Bangkok Chinatown Now and Then

Bangkok Chinatown or commonly known as Yaowarat is the community of Thai-Chinese people. The community of Chinese in Bangkok was founded since the reign of The King Rama I. “In the past, the Chinese people who came from the Great China has their residence around the Grand Palace ground.Later, the King Rama I relocated the Chinese immigrants and construct the Grand Palace in the Chinese community.”

Later, they  relocated to the area that is Chinatown in the present. Chinatown in Bangkok was known as the street of food, goldsmith and the Arts and Cultures of Thai-Chinese. The community of Chinatown was founded since the reign of The King Rama I while the street of Chinatown was constructed in the reign of The King Rama V, the length of street is around 1 kilometer.

Below pictures is Sampeang lane which is a center of the gilf shops and souvinir.  It is to buy small gifts. When it time to holiday seasons, you can buy many gifts in cheap rate.
They do not sell one items. They sales as pack, so if your have big family and they are a little one.
You can pick a lot of stuffs for them. Bangkok Chinatown or Sampeang lane shopping place will not turn you off.

Things to Eat

Chinese Restaurants and Street Food

There are many Chinese Restaurants around Chinatown. These restaurants are the traditional Chinese Food such as shark fin soup, bird nest soup, noodles, dim sum and desserts. For the food street, even though, the Chinatown street is only 1 kilometer but there is many kind of food provided to the tourists such as seafood, noodle soup, fried noodle, dumpling, fruit juice and Chinese dessert. The Chinese restaurants are available at daytime until the night while the street foods only are available from the evening to midnight.

Thing to Sightsee in Bangkok Chinatown 

Odean Circle

Odean Circle is the symbol of Chinatown, as per Feng Shui’s believe, this area is the best area for merchant, health and power in Chinatown. In 1999 A.D., Thai-Chinese community has joined their supports to build the gate to celebrate of The King’s Birthday. This gate was constructed followed by the Arts of Chinese and there is the word “Long Live The King” was inscribed on the gate. This inscription was made by The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in Chinese language.ChinaTown06 opt

The tourists who came to visit Bangkok should not miss to visit Bangkok Chinatown to see the Arts and Cultures of Thai-Chinese and eat the delicious food in traditional Chinese style.

Day or Night visit which one is better

If you are looking for good food and better weather, Lets tour Bangkok recommend you to visit Bangkok Chinatown at night or late evening. However, if you want shopping, sightseeing and good food, you can go during the day. During the lunch time, there are so many good food vendors saleing at Bangkok Chinatown. We highly recommend you add Bangkok Chinatown in your things to do in Bangkok.

Upper pictures is street beauty shop , They use thread to pull hair in the face out . It is Chinese method called “Mung Ming”. Mung mean pull and Ming means face.

Chinese gold smith polish and form the design of gold chian.