Indonesia Shopping and Bali Shopping 

It is a good reason to extend your visit just to have some more opportunities in shopping here, especially Bali Shopping. Indonesia offers plenty of shopping choices. From street vendors selling original homemade wares to huge department stores, the choices are endless. Most of the goods available here are cheaper than anywhere else. Asian shopaholics are known to travel here every year for a spot of shopping therapy. Whether you are looking for furniture, fashion, antiques, art or jewellery, or not.  The archipelago is renowned for producing elegantly crafted goods, in which many of them can be bought directed from the craftsman.
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Indonesia Shopping & Bali shopping for art and crafts

Bali is the best place to go for local arts and crafts, while bigger cities such as Jakarta andYogyakarta are better known amongst seekers of mainstream and luxury brands.
The island of Java is a good shopping base. Jakarta in particular is full of mega, air-conditioned malls, jam packed with every international brand known. The world’s fashion capitals are well compressed into upscale shopping malls consists of sharp Italian tailoring, romantic French ensembles and innovational Japanese labels.

Indonesia Shopping operation time

Although, those fashion shops would push you aside, you shouldn’t miss the chance to get to know some of the homegrown product of Indonesia as well. Highly-skilled artisans produce painstakingly of beautiful textiles, silver goods, dynamic ceramics and furniture pieces. They are all in unique style and with admirable standard of quality. They are perfect presents for loved ones or a well deserved treat for yourself. Shopping hours usually fall between 09:00-21:00. Some shops closed on Sundays. In Muslim areas, some are closed for a few hours around Friday lunchtime for prayers.

Indonesia Shopping guideline

Prices may be set in department stores, but generally it is possible to bargain the price on goods and services throughout the country, from unmetered taxis to souvenir stands. The rule of thumb when it comes to the bargaining business is to start low, then slowly let the shopkeeper bring up the price to a third or half of his/her original quoted price, depending on what you’re buying and where you’re making the purchase. Enjoy your shopping here!