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Bangkok Jewelry Center by guide Eng Bangkok has been a jewelry trade center for over 20 years. Jewelry is among the top ten income sources of Thailand. Bangkok is an important trading center, as well as a center for manufacturing jewelry. Jewelry is usually on high priority of visitors’ lists when shopping, as there are quality items available at competitive prices. You must always buy gems and jewelry at a reputable specialist shop rather than a general souvenir shop. Gold is worth buying as an investment and also as an ornament, since it can be resold in Thailand at current international prices. When buying gold ornaments, you will be charged for the weight of the gold content plus an amount for workmanship, which varies according to the intricacy of each individual piece.

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Precious original jewelry, such as Siamese ruby and blue sapphire, is worth buying. Cheap silver jewelry product in unique and attractive style can also be found for budget tourists. Famous silver jewelry comes from northern Thailand, where it is made by the hill tribe people. Thai businessmen import raw jewelry which is not well cut. Since the cost of labor is cheap in Thailand, it is possible to make good design jewelry from this raw material.

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Please ensure that you only buy jewelry that is guaranteed and being a member of Jewelry Fest Club and register with Tourist Authority of Thailand. Expensive diamond (karat size) normally has an HRD certificate which is of international standard. But while buying middle range jewelry in a local store, you have to buy in the trust of the seller. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that jewelry is like buying a car. The price of the jewelry drops as soon as you buy it and take it out of the shop. But if you are buying it as an investment, it is recommended that you study about jewelry first. If you are buying it for your own use, please choose from the designs according to your preference. Please do not believe anyone who says that jewelry is a wise investment. It is so only when you buy heavy and big karat size of diamond or some really rare stone. The seller may try to persuade you to buy some jewelry here, saying it is sold in double or triple price in your home country. Please think carefully if that’s the case, and keep in mind what he is telling you is not necessarily true. If you want to find a good quality shop with guarantee that sells jewelry at a reasonable price and you need our recommendation, here’s a form that you might want to fill out!