Travel tips

Here are some useful travel tips that will assist you in planning the best possible vacation to Thailand. These travel tips will give you money-saving ideas and advice on how to stay healthyon your Bangkok holiday.

Good to know before traveling here

  • If you are hesitating whether to travel on your own or use an expert tour advisor, find out what would be best for you! Look at how to select the best tour.
  • The Bangkok Time zone is most likely much different than your own. How can you deal with time differences and jet lag? Click and read more on how to get relief from jet lag and tips to overcome it.
  • Click here to get help packing for your holiday to Thailand. Travel tips, guidelines and an easy checklist to pack your luggage and reduce your traveling load while still having plenty of room to bring home all the items on your long list of gifts from take to friends and family from Bangkok.

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Thailand travel tips: Suggestions for arrival and departure

Money saving travel tips
  • Money exchange in Thailand. Where to exchange money, at the banks, bank kiosk, money exchange shops, or hotel front desk. Which place offers the best exchange rate and how much you need whistle traveling in Bangkok and around Thailand.
  • Communications How to contact home, offices and friends back home by email, mail, Internet and telephone. Information for travelers on where to use the internet and email. Explain the most cost effective ways to contact your country.
  • Overload luggage. Your trip is near its end and you are about to leave Thailand. Find out you have too much stuff to put in your suite case. Is it cheaper to send you’re your new purchases by ship?

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General tips

Helpful insights to make your Thai Holiday as smooth as possible.

  • Accommodation check in tips. What is needed to check in to a hotel? Where can you find accommodation that fits your price range, whether budget or five-star.
  • What is approximate hotel rate in Thailand? Where to get a good room booking?
  • Tipping information. Do the Thais accept tips? When should you tip? How much tipping is appropriate to avoid upsetting the service providers?
  • Security and safety measures in Bangkok and Thailand
Photo security
Take a recent photo of your children with you. It’s much easier to show to the police if you lose a child on holiday, rather than trying to describe a child to someone who may not speak English.