Forest Temple

Meditation trail

Elephant Life

After Covid-19 , How are you doing?

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Bangkok Chinatown

Chinese temple

Virtual Travel Experiences & Live Streaming

Virtual Travel Experiences is a live travel event.  You can explore the world from your living room , school or your office. 

You can visit our area without stepping out from home or going to airport.

Meet new friends

Talk , Chat & Ask

Connecting from any where

See & Learn

  • See the real people, the villager and the locals,
  • Talk to them, ask them questions instantly
  • Learn from insider, the different culture from far away land
  • Meet new friends who also have lot of curiosity as you
  • Laugh out loud and say REALLY, is it real?
  • Use your imagine that you were here with us.
  • This experience is not like you watch the video or clip on your phone or pc.
  • It both live streaming on the spot or well prepare presentation with multimedia.
  • This is interactive and two way communication.
  • It is fun and it is not like giving lecture to student.