Virtual Travel Experiences

Virtual Travel Experiences is a live travel event.  You can explore the world from your living room


Cannot go to Thailand?  Visit Thailand online and enjoy visiting local village and unseen trips.


You can visit our area without stepping out from home or going to airport.

You will love to

  • See the real people, the villager and the locals,
  • Talk to them, ask them questions instantly
  • Learn from insider, the different culture from far away land
  • Meet new friends who also have lot of curiosity as you
  • Laugh out loud and say REALLY, is it real?
  • Use your imagine that you were here with us.

Please note

  • This experience is not like you watch the video or clip on your phone or pc.
  • It both live streaming on the spot or well prepare presentation with multimedia.
  • This is interactive and two way communication.
  • It is fun and it is not like giving lecture to student.

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