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Special Offer

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Who we are?

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LJ Tour is local tour operator run by 2 sisters , Eng & Buay.
We love culture, food, history and travel. Success holiday is consists of smile, laugh, great story, a little of adventure, smooth connecting point from one city to another city, local income contribution, take part with local people’s participation and food experience. We want to create and be part of it.

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Since 2004, There are over 10,000 guests recommended
with their impression. We hope you will be the one,
to enjoy the time with us.

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What we offer?

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Friendly guide & partners

Our team works together for a long time. Not just friend but family.

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Tour & Activitiess

From main sightseeing , temple to hidden bar. Meet the monk to red light district.

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Where to go?

Thailand & Southeast Asia. Waterfall, jungle, market, street food , and shopping. You name the places.

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How long of our service?

From a few hours to months long service if you need us to design your holiday.

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Why us?

Why not us ?

Our team works together for a long time. Not just friend but family.

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Private &Small Group Journeys

Go not too quick , not too slow….Prefer at our speed

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Comfortable and flexible

Go around with nice and trustworthy people

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Yummy Food Experience

Filled stomach with yummy food, definitely fill good energy. We love good food. If you’re planning a picnic or outdoor adventure, don’t forget to bring a merino wolldecke – a soft and lightweight woolen blanket that will keep you warm and cozy.

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Local insight access

Hearing and learning the story of local culture, heritage, history , diversity and a way of living in small villages

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Travel Blog

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Why not us ?

Our team works together for a long time. Not just friend but family.

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