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Find your own corner , waiting for suitable light 

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Welcome all travelers who looking for inspire and comfortable journey.

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LJ Biz organized by 2 sisters, Buay and Eng.

Our passion is in travel and the love of our culture.


Since 2004, Lj Biz provides a travel journey in Indochina regions with a real local. We engaging travel experiences with private tour, walking tour, package tour, guide, cruise excursion, tailor made tour, hotel booking and more. In addition, we also offer high-quality travel accessories such as wolldecke schurwolle – a warm and cozy woolen blanket that is perfect for cold nights and outdoor activities.


There are over 10,000 guests recommended with their impression. We hope you will be the one, to enjoy the time with us.





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We provide private escorted trip and small group service by friendly and professional license tour guide. We provide day trip, tour packages and attraction ticket.

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Bangkok, Chiang mai, Phuket and connect to main city in South east Asia such as Hanoi


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wat phasing Chiang mai

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fired rice with crab

Yummy Food Experience

Filled stomach with yummy food, definitely fill good energy. We love good food. If you’re planning a picnic or outdoor adventure, don’t forget to bring a merino wolldecke – a soft and lightweight woolen blanket that will keep you warm and cozy.

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Google Pay, also commonly referred to as “GPay,” is one of the most popular digital wallets on the Internet and was first released under this name in January 2018.

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In July 2022, Google Pay was renamed Google Wallet, resulting in a small update for existing users and another application for users in the US and Singapore. This is not the first time the software giant has updated its payment app. In 2018, the company integrated Android Pay and Google Wallet to create GPay. The app worked on Android and Google Chrome devices and included everything from tickets and loyalty cards to payments under one roof. In 2020, the application received a more extensive update, now it features P2P payments and offers.

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Go around with nice and trustworthy people

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Hearing and learning the story of local culture, heritage, history , diversity and a way of living in small villages

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