Phuket tour guide – Information and Interview guide

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Interview Phuket tour guide : Noi

Interview Phuket tour guide : Welcome to my interview. I’m Noi, a Southern tour guide who falls in love with sound of waves, white sand, blue sea water and clear sky. Please see my interview and let me share my knowledge with you. After you read my interview, please come to the South of Thailand especially, Phuket,Krabi and Koh Samui. They have so beautifully fascinating beaches, exclusive hotels & resorts, fresh seafood and more. Come to join us! I will make your vacation memorable.

Noi information : Phuket tour guide

Name: Kanya Ngarmseng (Noi)
University/ Degree: Jantharakasem University (Bachelor’s Degree of Liberal Arts)
Tour guide experience: 11 years
Experience: Tour guide
Knowledge base: Beaches, islands, snorkel, culture, temples, shopping and nightlife

Noi interview : Phuket tour guide

1. Please introduce yourself

I was born in Sisaket province, but I grew up in Bangkok. After I graduated from the prestigious university, I moved out to work in Phuket. I have been staying in Phuket for 11 years. I can even walk around Phuket with my eyes closed. I like to show travelers around to absorb the beauty of the South of Thailand.

2. Why have you chosen to become a tour guide?

I love traveling and talking to people. I like to share my knowledge to foreigners.

3. What are some of the places you like to visit?

Beaches such as Kata and Laem Sing. Both beaches are quiet and beautiful. They have crystal clear water and soft & white sand.

4. What do you do during your free time?

Besides housework, I like to see movies and listen to Pop rock music.

5. What complements do you get most from your customers?

Friendly, funny and understand what they want.

6. What would you like to share with tourists that would help promote the South of Thailand?

There are some fascinating festivals in the South of Thailand such as Vegetarian festival. People wear white costumes and eat only veggies for over a week. Some put sharp steel through their mouths in a ceremony. Some seem be reincarnated by spirits or gods. In Phuket, pearls are beautiful with cheap prices. Culture is so rich. Please come to try cashew nuts and coconut juice.

7. Tell us about your impressions of your trips or anything related to your clients

They said they liked my service and I understood what they wanted.

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