Guide Jeab, Funny Guide from Bangkok

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Guide Jeab, Patchara Kulsantipong

Born in Year *  1970

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Born and raise in city , town name  Bangkok

First year of work as tour guide *2017

Degree/ University * Missouri State University

degree * MBA

Special talent *  Cooking

Language skill *  English

Area of interest *

Culture and history

Please in introduce yourself (personality , hobby , goal of life perhaps) *

I love travelling and I am enthusiastic to learn new things and meet people from all around the world. I like movies, music, reading books, art, history, and cultures.

City / country that you can do the work

Bangkok , Kacnahanaburi ,  Floating market , Damnoen saduak and Amphawa, Chiang mai – day tour, Pattaya one day, Around Thailand tour

Why you become tour guide ? *

I want to learn about histrory, art and cultures of Thailand and to promote to foreigners

Place you live to visit ? and Why ? *

Bangkok China town, best street food in the world.

What complement do you get most from your customers? *

Friendly, attentive, knowledgeable

Idea for Thailand trip that you like to recommend . It could be activities, itinerary, or things that people should not miss *

Damnern Saduak Floating Market and train market, unique in the world, fun experiences.

Tell the benefit of hire tour guide *

Trustworthy, insightful information and tips from local expert to make sure that you’ll get the best experiences of the places you visit.

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Should i hire Bangkok tour guide?

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