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Bangkok Night Tours & Things to do at night

Witness the glimmer of Bangkok’s night lights can be done in many ways. There are a lot of things to do and see during the night. The good news is no matter what season, you can always enjoy Bangkok at night. Spending around 3-6 hours in the evening, it is nicer and cooler than during the day. That is one of the main reasons that people going out to have fun.

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What is a top famous thing to do at night?

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I can give you more than twenty things to do in brief detail. Some of them Lets-tour-bangkok.com is already in itinerary and tour program some we do not have that for tour. However, I hope you can get the idea of see the city in the evening and can be able to plan your trip.

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  • Visit Erawan Shine , to see people warship the Gods by offering ornament and Thai dance perform
  • Visit Wat Pho , Seeing the beautiful 4 pagoda and Thai massage pavilion
  • Walking and shopping at Rod Fai Market at Ratchada
  • Enjoy riding tuk tuk to see the old city of Bangkok
  • Entertain yourself at lady boy night show or at the clubNight drink in sky bar
  • Food tasting at Bangkok Chinatown
  • Zip and drink at top roof of 5 star restaurant with skyline view
  • Chill out at small café along the river, or near sightseeing
  • Take a long tailed boat cruise in the evening
  • Walking on the wild night area of Patpong
  • Let’s enjoy the dance club at RCA or Tonglor
  • Take Biking tour at night
  • Riding a bike at the Ancient city (Muang Boran) during the late evening
  • Eating yummy street food of Din Deang Market
  • Evening cruise along boat Chaophraya river
  • Authentic street food tasting at Wongwieanyai
  • Enjoy your time at a small bar of Nana street at Chinatown
  • Go to Baiyoke for buffet dinner or see city view
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Wow, so many things to do in Bangkok at evening. I cannot imagine that when this city will bore only step out of hotel many things is awaiting for you to explore.

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Bangkok Tour

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