Recommend Bangkok top attractions, that you should not miss

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Bangkok’s Spectacular Attractions

         Bangkok is a vibrant city for both active and passive person. Lots of things to do in Bangkok and you could enjoy the time in this Big Mango city. This page we want to provide guidelines of Bangkok top attractions. There are also lots of places you must visit, what to do in Bangkok and other destination of Thailand country in order to help you to plan and spend your time wisely suiting your need e.g. you can adventure by local transport such as sky train, local bus, boat, taxi, Tuk-Tuk and walk to see highlights of Bangkok, the Royal Palace, Reclining Buddha, Bangkok canal, temple, museum or market. 

        You could spend 1 or up to 20 days by doing and seeing different things. Check it out what is a famous sightseeing, top activities and find out more what tourist enjoy this city.

The must-visit Bangkok attractions are:

The Royal Palace Bangkok or The Grand Palace:    

A place where the former kings used to live. It is a spiritual center, a center of Thai Art. It is the landmark of the city. It is Bangkok highlight that one should see the elaborate art and architecture in one compound. The Grand Palace includes the temple of the Emerald Buddha (the most scared), the Royal Chapel, the Royal Collection of Weapons, the Coin Pavilion, and a small museum with the artifacts from the Grand Palace. Many of the Thais and visitor going there to worship and sightseeing, don’t miss a great opportunity for photos and seeing the best of Thai art and architecture. This is the most sacred temple so there is a strict dress code. For sightseeing in Bangkok, it is the one place you must visit. 

The Entrance fee: 500 Baht per person.

How to get to the grand palace

             The Grand Palace is on the riverside. Travel with the BTS from your nearest station to Saphan Taksin station (N6). After that transfer to the boat by  Chao Phraya Express Boat coming from your left. Departure on “Tha Chang” (pier N9). and walk out from the pier area. You will see a high white wall. Go straight on the left side. And then around to the right, so that Sanam Luang is on your left and the palace wall is on your right. Walk about 200 meters until you get to arrive at the Grand Palace.   If you form Khao San Road and Phra Athit, you can go by the Chao Phraya express boat Tha Phra Athit (pier N13) and get off at Tha Chang pier (pier N9). And walk like an above. From other areas  (unless on the riverside) a taxi is often the best option.

Wat Pho                                                  

Wat Pho is a home of a traditional Thai massage. Things to do in Wat Pho is included get relaxed with Thai massage, visit reclining Buddha, meditate at the main chapel See the huge Buddha statue and learning history in the first university of Siam. Things to do in Bangkok

The Entrance fee: 200 Baht per person (free entry for children under 120cms)

How to get to Wat Pho 

A visit to both Wat Pho and the Grand Palace is easily done as the two sites are only a 10-minute walk apart. you can get to either by taking BTS SkyTrain to Saphan Taksin station, then take a Chao Phraya express boat at Taksin Pier to Tha Tien Pier (No. 9)

Wat Arun , high tower or prang along the river                                                                 

The highlight and the landmark of Bangkok. In the past, envoys and foreign visitors know that they arrived at the country by seeing this tower from a distance. Things to do in Bangkok when visiting Wat Arun is climbing up the tower to see the old city landscape as well as enjoy and see art from Chinese porcelain decorate around the temple. Fun loving could rent Thai customs and take pictures in the temple here.

The Entrance fee: 50 Baht per person.

How to get to Wat Arun

  At first travel with the BTS from your nearest station to Saphan Taksin station (N6). And stop at No.8 Tha Tien pier (same station of Wat Pho) After that hop on a ferry that takes you to the opposite side of the river for 3 baht. Wat Arun is on your right side

 Khao San road at night

The night is young in Bangkok. Many places that you could celebrate your night but don’t forget Khao San. Some of my clients said this is a freak show area. There are bugs fired stall, pad Thai shop, restaurant, cool hairstyle shop, fake id shop and many more which made young western listing Khao Sad road as one thing to do in Bangkok.

How to Get to Khao San Road

Taking the BTS sky train to Saphan Taksin station. Walk out of the station and you’ll see Sathorn Pier. Take the boat to Phra Arthit Pier. It’s a two-minute walk to Khao San road. If you want to direct By Sky train – It can’t do it. But the closest station is National Stadium. And you can drop on this station and jump in the taxi from here.


If you like to watch people, love to observe the wet market and enjoy street food, you should visit Chinatown. Chinatown or Yoawarat: it has the Old Chinese market and Chinese temples, which are worthwhile to explore. Walks along the traditional shopping area. Visit the Golden Buddha temple, jewelry and gold shops, old buildings, a local meal for lunch and enjoy shopping in the market. Yoawarat is a fantastic place to visit at both day time and night time. If traveling at night, most of the shops will be closed, and only food vendors will be on Yaowarat Road.

How to get to Chinatown                                                                                                      

Chinatown is the best way by Chao Phraya Express riverboat. Depart at  Ratchawong pier. And the one option is to use the MRT subway to Hualamphong station.

Bangkok Temples:

There are over 400 temples in Bangkok. The most splendid temples are the royal temples which were fully supported and renovated by the King. For instance, Wat Pho (reclining Buddha temple), Wat Aroon (temple of Dawn), Wat Trimirt(Golden Buddha temple), Wat Pukoatong (the golden mountain temple), Wat Benchamaborpit (the Marble Temple), Wat Ratchaborpit, Wat Intrararam(standing Buddha), Wat Bawornniwet, Wat Sutat Wararam. The temple is a sacred place; all visitors must be properly attired.

Bangkok Canal:

Bangkok is renowned as the Venice of the East. Canals in and around Bangkok are an important method of transportation and help to facilitate communication between different areas of the city. The branching network of canals from the main Chao Phraya River still follows an old living style that leaves the modern face of Bangkok behind. The old houses, traditional Thai houses, old temples, royal barge museum, and old community are the places where you can visit.

Bangkok top attractions: famous museum

There used to be numerous Royal Palaces in and around Bangkok in the old days. Many of these royal palaces have now turned into government offices, universities, private residencies, and royal properties.

Thailand National Museum: The largest of Thai Art and History Museum, located in the heart of Bangkok. The museum used to be the royal residence of the vice-king. There are displaying Thai artifacts and displaying extensive collections of regional Asian.

The Entrance fee: 80 Baht per person.

The Jim Thompson House: A masterpiece of modern history. It is a museum and was founded by Mr. Jim Thomson, who recalled Thai silk to become a world-famous product. You can see Thai silk is made. With collections of antiques. The Bangkok Folk Museum is a place which will turn the clock back and reflect the history of Bangkok. It is also a great chance for shopping high-quality Thai silk as well see a traditional Thai house.


The Entrance fee:

Adult 200 Baht, under 22 years 100 baht (ID required) Children under 10 years of age, when accompanied by a parent, entrance is free.

Prasart Museum:  

One of the best private museums in Bangkok. Mr. Prasart, the owner of the museum, spent many decades collecting Thai and Asian antiques, architecture and history museum. He placed all of his collection there.

The Entrance fee:  40 baht per adult and 20 baht per child.

Suan Pakkad Palace:

Is a former house of the Thai royal family member, Phaongchoa Jumpot. His house is in Thai style. He kept the antique, traditional music instrument and gemstone. The display was nice and worth visiting. The highlight is a Buddhist scripture hall with the decoration of Thai design lacquer with gold leaf.

The Entrance fee: 100 baht per adult and 50 baht per child.

Bangkok attractions: related to beliefs, shrine and old community

Chao Por Sua Shrine (Tiger God Shrine):

is the most famous shrine for the Chinese. The shrine attracts Thai and Asian visitors, who come to make their wishes and come to offer flowers, oil, food, and fruits all day long.

The Erawan Shrine:

It was built for the worship of the spirit during construction. This place is busy with Asian visitors, who come to worship the shrine with their offerings, and sometimes they hire dancers to perform traditional Thai dance.


Tha Prachan Pier:

Tha Prachan pier is a teen and old fashioned market, selling kind of stuff such as Buddha Amulet, foods, fruits, clothes and more. The next interesting area is Soa Shing Cha, where the Buddha Image is built and retail shops are located.

 The Maharaj

The open-air shopping and lifestyle, located on Maharaj road or Tha Maharaj Pier. A nearby old city in Bangkok, surrounded by The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Thammasat University. There are many international shops & restaurants so this is a nice place for dining and indulging with the Chaophaya River view.

Wang Lang Market:

Wang Lang Market located right across of Siriraj Hospital or Wang Lang Pier so it’s very easy to find. This is a local market, where you can walk around to shop, eat or spend your time. Mostly street food, dessert, clothes and it’s not expensive.

Baan Mor:

It is a lively electronic market and an old area of jewelry producers. At the Chinese Market, you will be able to see the Chinese way of living, with many golden shops and Chinese restaurants around.

Baan Bat (Monk Bowl Village):

The small village making a monk bowl by hammering the metal by hand. This craftsman work passes the knowledge from ancient people and only one place in the world that makes the monk bowl by hand.


Bangkok attractions – Activities

Besides sightseeing and shopping in Bangkok, there are other activities which you can do for fun during your visit.

For example, you can visit Thai massage shops or spa for the relaxation of your body, visit Buddhist temples to study about meditation, go to golfing to a nice golf club, visit some elephant farm close to town, visit the Theme Park (Bangkok Dream World), ancient city, crocodile farm, the zoo (Safari World),Sea Life Ocean World (the biggest indoor aquarium in Southeast Asia) and Madame Tussauds.

Well, spend time at a Thai cooking school is also a valid option. They’re also possible to combine Thai boxing session or shopping to your program while you are in Bangkok.

ting kitchens located right on the boat.

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  • Lumpini Park

Bangkok has many popular parks and museums for the people of all age groups. Anyone will find the Lumpini Park interesting as it has the source of the entertainment for all. In this park, you will find interesting sculptures, Chinese-styled pavilions, traditional Thai pavilions, a lake, open green areas, and a lot of green space that you will not find in any other places of this city. If you pay a visit on Sunday, then might see some free concerts arranged by the local musicians and students.

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Ocean Life

Your full day tour Bangkok will not be complete without paying a visit to the Siam ocean world , if you are here with family and small kids. This is one of the largest underground aquariums in the Southeast Asia. You will find this place adventurous and exciting for the sea creatures. The ocean world will enhance your traveling experience with pioneering world-class exhibits. In this Ocean world, you can come across with more than 30, 000 strange looking creatures from the different parts of the world. It will be an amazing experience.

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Things to do in Bangkok

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