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Cambodia weather

Cambodia weather : Zoing, climate and season

Cambodia is located in the tropical zone, made it has two distinct seasons — wet and dry. The temperature throughout the country is in the same average, apart from in the north where winter is generally colder. The average year-round temperature in Cambodia is about 27.7C. Cambodia has a monsoon climate.  Monsoon season runs from May – November.

Cambodia weather : Monsoon

There is often seasonal flooding in Phnom Penh and the rest of Cambodia in late July and early August, and, because the majority of roads are dirt, travel may be disrupted at these times.CA angkorThom SM 85096135

Cambodia weather : Hot season

From late February, temperatures keep rising until it hits to the hottest point in April, when the temperature often reach at 40°C. During these months river and lake levels are very low, generally making boat/river ferry travel much more difficult, less reliable and can greatly increase travels times dramatically. Across most of the country, the monsoon rains are fairly predictable, usually occurring in the afternoon or at night. And the afternoon rains usually last no more than a couple of hours making them fairly easy to plan around, especially if you are visiting the temples or touring.

Cambodia weather : Cool and dry season

Average mid-day temperatures in the mid 20 C, sometime dipping below 20 at night. The monsoon rains trail off through October and November, and have usually stopped completely by mid November. These months – November through February.

Cambodia weather : Best time to visit

Although, Cambodia can be visited at any time of the year, the wet season makes a tough travel. The most pleasant season for visitors is generally the dry season. The ideal months are December and January, when humidity levels are pretty low. After the monsoon, the green field of the countryside can be stunning beautifully in the sun.

What to bring or ware ?

Comfortable and light close is recommended. Short pants or topless shirt may help you with hot Cambodia weather, bring dead or insect repellent is a good idea if you go to mountain area such as Phnom Kulen.  Umbrella or rain coach and flip flop are necessary for visit during rainy season.