Indonesia market


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Indonesia market and local life

For generations, Indonesians have bought their food at traditional markets, Pasar.

Pasar means a gathering of tukang sayur (vendors who sell off carts which go through residential areas.
Throughout Jakarta, the items sold in pasar are basically the same – fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, spices, dry goods and household items. Selection may vary slightly for a better serve the needs of each ethnic group which live in the area. For example, if the pasar is located near an area where there are many ethnic Indians, they may have more Indian spices or, if there are a lot of Minangkabau people living nearby, more Padang spices will be available.
Going to the pasar is a daily activity for Indonesian women or their household help. While shopping in supermarkets is popular amongst the middle and upper classes, supermarket prices are generally too expensive for the poor. Shopping at Pasar is also a chance for people to get out of the house and catch up on all the latest news and gossip with neighbors and friends.

Indonesia Market : Jakarta

A famous flea market in Jakarta is in Menteng. It has woodcarvings, furniture, textiles, jewellery and many instant antiques. Bargain like crazy, prices may be up to 10 times the value of the goods.

Indonesia Market : Yogyakarta

Pasar Beringharjo, Yogyakarta:   Yogya’s main market,800m north of the kraton, is a lively and fascinating place. The renovated front section has a wide range of batik – mostly inexpensive ones – while the 2nd floor is dedicated to cheap clothes and shoes. Most interesting is the old section at the back. Full of stalls selling a huge variety of fruit and vegetables, this is still very much a traditional market.

Indonesia Market :  Denpasar, close to Bali

Pasar Badung, Denpasar:   A must-see destination for shoppers to browse and bargain from 5am to night time. It’s a retail adventure and you’ll find produce and food from all over the island. Deals include a half-kilo of saffron for 250,000Rp. This is one of the better places to

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