Pattaya and Bangkok family trip – Story to tell


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Bangkok family trip for Reunion

Three weeks ago, Ramy contact us that he need Bangkok vacation package. Ramy knew us via mr Pian , one of my friend and our favorite Bangkok tour guide . It was a little hectic since the group size since this is very big for 32 people. Anyway, LJ biz team keep communicate till Ramy satisfy with program and price.

30 Jan 2018 – Meet at the airport and having lunch and go to Terminal 21 and Chocolate vile

31 Jan 2018 – Pattaya trip to visit Nong nuch village , visit mini Siam , silver lake and enjoy Alcazar show

1 Feb 2018 – Visit Grand Palace continue to temple of reclining Buddha and Platinum mall and Asiatique

2 Feb 2018 – Shopping and transfer to Don Muang Airport

We select the hotel location at Astera Sathorn since it near sky train, Asiatique and not far from the Robinson Shopping mall. The hotel is very near river side which very easy to reach express way and travel by sky train or boat to other destination.

From Bangkok Vacation Package to reality tour 

This week my guide and I meet Mr. Ramy and the group. Three day before tour start, Ramy communicated with us via line that he need garland arrange for the group and transfer service to meet other people. He told us that he will arrive early so we arrange a private van to pick him to join the group for lunch.

Mr. Swang took the group from Don Muang airport and meet us at Kru Mali , a small restaurant serve Thai food. We prepare around 8 dishes for them to share the meal. Certainly, every dishes is non-pork.

Finally, the group met. They seem to enjoy the lunch and had very nice chat.

Later, we just find out the group in our Bangkok family trip package is the whole family, which is 15 of them are brothers and sister which originated from Indonesia.


They fly from different places. Ramy flies from Taiwan. Most of the people are from Indonesia. Some are from USA.

The family has 3-4 generation all together. There are great grand kids and Ramy’s mom. This is unbelievable for us. The family is so big and they can gather and make family trip in Bangkok happened. It was a good story that we could not keep it by our selves. Ramy told us that his father sponsor the trip for everyone. …

Cool ! Dad , does ‘t him..

The first lunch was fun and enjoyable

While waiting for the bus to pick up and continue to next terminal 21 , we have some nice group pictures together.

This are pictures of the second day of the tour

Silver lake


Alcazar Show

alcazar show

The next trip is going to Bangkok main sightseeing

Nong Nooch Village

Nongnuch village pattaya

Chocolate Vile

chocolate ville

This Bangkok family trip is one of idea that could inspire to make a family trip.

Anyone can do more than 32 peoples of group size, you could share the story with us.

We will post think link in our facebook, I am sure Ramy and his family will share the story of this trip .

Anyway, at the end of the trip, Ramy and his family has a nice experience with the trip and the guide was great. There are only problem with hotel when check out and complain on one of hotel staff was not so cooperate.

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