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Do you love Thai food? Do you like to try durian ice cream? Do you like shopping? Do you like to go there the local people also go? You are at the right place, check out for small town at Amphawa. There are a lot to offer and you can enjoy.

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Amphawa floating market history

Let’s get to know more about city

Amphawa is one district in Samutsongkam province, which is now a day is a smallest district in Thailand. During Ayutthaya kingdom, there was less people live in. After the kingdom defeat Myanmar, there is more people moved here since the location in proper for plantation. The local grow coconut and mango plantation since the pass till now. Later on, Lychee and grapefruit also grow in this area. The area is flat and low land and has plenty of water. There are over 6 main canals connect to the Mea klong river before going to the ocean. Amphawa was a river port which has visitors come to trade and by fruits, vegetable and sea products . The city was renown as three water city which consist of freshwater, saltwater, and brackish water suitable for salt farming and fruit orchards as a way of life along the traditional riverside. In addition, the riverside community of Amphawa received cultural conservation award from UNESCO.

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Amphawa floating market location

Amphawa is not far from Bangkok. It is just 1.5 hours away from Bangkok city center.

Check where is close by area

There are many famous floating markets located near to Bangkok, but if you want one that is authentic and not overly touristy then head out to the Amphawa Floating Markets.

Located about 90 minutes out of Bangkok on the way to Hua Hin, the local area of Samut Songkram also has many temples and sights to see, that make it worthwhile to stay overnight. Dotted along the banks of the Mae Klong River are small homestay accommodation places that have fabulous views of the river and are quite inexpensive. As well as being lulled to sleep by the sound of the river noises, early risers may even get to see a 2 metre Water Monitor lizard climbing out of the river.

The Amphawa Floating Market is held each Friday, Saturday and Sunday and vendors start setting up at around noon, but a good time to go is between 3:00pm – 4:00pm when the heat of the day is beginning to lessen.

Amphawa water market

Amphawa floating market use to be a busy place for trading and commercial center. This area use to be an importance water transport as a result one of the most important floating market and waterfront community. Later , the gradually declining the significant since people turn to use the road. The charming of Amphawa still appearing in various architectural works from Thai wooden houses, some house boats and boat. The community decides to make and evening market and how Amphawa was reborn again and become famous within a couple years.

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Let’s get deeper in as an Amphawa floating market Insider

The Amphawa floating market is similar to other market in term of food variety ? I would say Yes and NO.

The answer is NO since the Amphawa floating market has differing ambiance from other places. There are no floating market open at night and connect with local community and long river as Amphawa. The answer is YES because, you may find many foods similar to market in Bangkok. But for sure, you can not find many creative dishes as Amphawa offer. Check this out.

Highlight, enjoy things in oldie style such as a plate You may also try to eat some fish or noodle inside the boat which is so much fun to do. Seasonal fruit is highly recommended. Rose Apple , Lynchee are grown in the area. Coconut juice is a wonderful refreshment. Anyone love seafood product , Amphawa is a best place to buy. This girl made wonderful Youtube about Amphawa in Thai language. Yep, it is very nice in Thai and it is so cute the way she talk and see thing. She is an ice cream and dessert lover. Check out for more detail.

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Visit Amphawa, you will not only taste yummy local Thai food, but you will have the chance to see they cook right in front of you. You can see how fresh of ingredient and see the process of cooking Thai food.

Spend your time wandering along the banks of the klong and look down on the small boats selling different types of cooked seafood. Try the barbequed prawns with spicy dipping sauce, they are just delicious.

As the sun goes down, sit at one of the small bars located right on the banks of the klong. Here you can listen to a Thai band sing traditional songs and just watch the people going about their daily business.

Once darkness comes, take a tour of the nearby klongs on a long-tailed boat and see Thai country life from a different aspect. If you keep your eyes open you will spot the fireflies glowing and dancing up the trees putting on a magical

Connect with people at Amphawa

Going with our guide, language is not a problem. This is a good chance to connect to the local and embrace with Amphawa and food culture as local people.

Coconut juice, which is very fresh and taste yummy

Amphawa floating market opening hours

Date of open : Fri , Sat , Sun Time : Recommend time to visit from 15:00-22:00

Travel to Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa floating market is an interesting destination for a weekend . Anyone who visits Bangkok can go there since it is just 1.3 hours away.

 Local Transport to Amphawa

Akamai bus station – Take bus to Mea Klong or Samotth songkram MorChit Bus station – go to bus sale office 211 – Bus to meaklong – 90 THB / person


Bangkok – Mahachai //Tachalom Meaklong – Start from Wongwian Yai station. It may take 3-4 hours to reach there. But on the way back, recommend to travel by bus. Check  http://www.railway.co.th/ – 02-465-2017  , 02-890-6260

Drive car

Take highway 325 on the way to Damnornsaduak Make a left before at Amphawa district

BY Summary


– Amphawa water market which run in evening which is so good since it is not hot. – Various of food at snack are await for you to taste since it is in expensive and has wild variety

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