Traditional Thai weddings 

are unique with many steps to follow. It is not just for a couple, it is about marriage to the whole family. There are offering precious thing to family, Buddhist blessing and home party.

Proposal and meet the parent

After the couple agree to live together as husband and wife, both of them would go to their parents and say that they want to marry. They will set up parent meeting day. The meeting will take place in bride’s house. The groom will visit with his parent and another man or woman who is well respected and good repetition to act as Por Sua. Por Sua will be a man who start the conversation with bride’s family.

He will ask to join the family together and would like to have a bride to be part of the family. He or she will also talk about the money and gold (Sinsord) to be given to the bride’s family. This official meeting is very important. Then, they will go to the temple or a fortune teller to find the right date that would be a good start for the couple.

Thai Wedding and Sinsord , money or gold for the bride parent

The groom precious gifts should be given to the bride’s family. This is a way that the groom will thank the bride’s family to take care of the bride and let him marry her; it is his way of assuring the bride parent that the groom can take good care of his bride in the future. Many times, the parents of both sides will give the money back to the couple to start their life together.

Thai Weddings and Morning Ceremony

The wedding Ceremony starts early in the morning with the procession ceremony called ‘Hae Khun Mag’. During this ceremony, the groom leads the guests and brings the Sinsor (gifts and money) to the bride’s house.Thai Wedding Kanmak

The small parade will start with Horong Sound, acclaim sound specific for wedding only. Them, the ‘Ram Klong Yao’ song plays until the end of this procession.Thai Wedding Kanmak2

A fun game will be made before meet with the bride. They will set gate so call pratu ngen pratu thong. This is a small gate that friends and family of the bride will ask questions or ask the groom to do a little challenge before meeting the bride.

Rod Nam Sang

After the monk blessing, in the morning. The bride and groom me set Rod Nam Sang in the morning or evening. Rod Nam Sang is a small ceremony that the groom and bride sit together and the older guest will have holy water and pure to a couple hands. Then, guest could blessing they both of luck and happiness.Thai Wedding RodNamSang

Evening Party

It is a very formal evening party in the evening. The family and friends come together to meet and had a dinner together. It is not much party like in the western world. It is more official and half of the guest is from relative and family of the bride and groom.

Wedding Presentation

Since more than half of the guests do not know the bride and the groom. So, the couple will create a little presentation of each person’s background. Some couple starts to introduce since they were young till how do they meet. After the presentation, they will have some short interview. After that , it is a music time.

Wedding party in the evening, mostly held in the house of the bride or in a hotel.

Preparation before wedding

In 2018 , you can easily find wedding planer to handle the wedding ceremony or party. Some hotel can set and arrange everything for you. But there are a couple things that you should know in case that you want to prepare the wedding by your own.

Thai wedding prop

Wedding Gift

During the party, the bride and groom will walk in the party say and thank you for all guests that come. They will have a little gift for all guests too.

Those gift will have a couple names, and date of the wedding . The gift comes in various forms such as small cup, dolls, coin bags and key chain, pillow case or etc.

This gift you can easily find in on Pahurat area which has many choices that you could pick. Since there are many shop so you could compare prices and some shop you can bring products back home right away.Thai Wedding Gift

Weekend market

Near JJ mall, around Krongkan 15-17 and near the pet shop that you could select that wedding gift that you like.

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