Hot Air Balloon Siem Reap , See Angkor Wat From Top View

Cambodia Balloon Tour is a must-do. The hot air balloon Siem Reap  is one of the most exciting, peaceful and beautiful things to do in Angkor, Cambodia. The best way to see Angkor by far is from the air. It’s a spectacular sight that you will remember for the rest of your life. The tethered hot-air balloon offers a budget way to fly above the temples for about 15 minutes, a half mile west of Angkor Wat and upward to a few hundred meters in the air.CA Hot air View SM 99254801
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Hot Air Balloon Siem Reap Trip

The hot air balloon basket is made of metal. Inside, there is an opening for a metal cable to hook onto the metal basket. Ropes around the balloon also stabilize the balloon. It is chained with a firmly, thick cable in the middle of the basket. The middle is opened but with fairly high walls. Inside the hot air balloon, there is room to wheel around.
Climb up for a bird’s-eye view of the entire Angkor Wat Conservation compound, especially Anglor Wat’s towers by hot-air balloon. It’s an experience worth having. Don’t miss!
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