Indonesia Beaches – Dream land of many tourist !!!

Indonesia Beaches

Dream land of Indonesia Beach

Indonesia consists of plenty of beaches. Most beaches are beautiful rocky cliffs and surrounded by sprawling coconut and pine trees. The blue sea and the wonderful waves is also a stunning sight. They all made them popular tourist attractions in the Country and bring thousands of tourists come to beaches in Indonesia.
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Indonesia Beaches and National resources

The beaches are home to wide species of marine animals like sharks, dolphins, turtles and morays and so on. The idyllic weather and the scenic beauty of the beaches in Indonesia make them perfect places for basking in the sun or recreation. Travelers can swim in the blue sea or visit the beautiful coral reefs. The beaches by the coast of the Indian Ocean are also popular places for surfing activities. Some more water sports in the beaches are kayaking, jet skiing and yachting. The ideal time for water sports is between the months of May and September as it’s a better wind pattern in this period for the surfers.

Indonesia beach and facilities

There is a variety of dining and accommodation facilities around the beaches of Indonesia. Travelers can stay in the hotels or resorts. Well known luxury hotels are located by the well known beaches. There are many popular restaurants, bars and pubs at beaches. Visitors can buy local handicrafts and artifacts from the shops on the beaches.

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Famous Indonesia Beaches

Beside famous beaches in Bali, there are still so many untouchable beaches in Indonesia, here they are:

Derawan island

It is located in archipelago of derawan, east borneo. There is a sea park around the coast and it is well known as a place for diving, with its depth around five meters. We can find number of underwater creature here, such as, cuttlefish, lobster, bluering octopus, seahorses, ribbon eel. You also can see turtle directly.

Waterfall of moramo

This waterfall is located in a natural forest of tanjung peropa, around 60 km from city of kendari, the capital of south east of Sulawesi. Peaceful atmosphere plus best wind as it is in heaven here can attract all of visitors. We can also find potential nature stone of marble at this waterfall. Marble in this area is one of the biggest marble sources in the world.


This beautiful white sand beach located in Nusa Tenggara Timur. Its scenery under the sea is very beautiful and calm. Tourists can enjoy snorkeling as the wave is not too big.

Tanjung Bira

Located in regency of bulukumba, south Sulawesi. Tanjung bira is well known for its white beautiful sands and clear water. It is a good place for swimming and seeing the sunrise or sunset.