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Myanmar travel At Glance

Burma is a land of vivid Buddhism, friendly people who treat you as long time unseen friends. This country is considered as the sleeping beauty of Asia, which offers a glimpse of what Asia was like 50 years ago; a rare mix of harmonious charm and sensual delights. It is the largest country in Southeast Asia which has diversities in culture, minority & tribe, history, and geography.

A former British colony once named Burma

Then, short time rule under democracy before closes herself from the world by dictatorship military government which has made everything stay still as 50 years ago.
Even Myanmar was ignored by tourists who concern about security and political condition. However, this is jewel land for adventure, historical and nature lovers who want to be close to real life and nontouristy sights.  You won’t be disappointed to see 4000 sacred stupas scattered across the plains of Bagan, magnificent Shwedagon close to Yangkoon,  cultural city of Mandalay, exotic lakeside villages of Inle, and several less-traveled destinations such as Mogok and the Golden rock of Kyaitkiyo will leave you in awe of this fascinating and dynamic land.

Best time to visit

Cool season: November-February
Climate & Season:
There are three distinct seasons: the cool, dry winter from November to February (25°C (77°F) and 15°C (59°F)); the warm summer from March to May; and the humid monsoon from May to October – also not terribly pleasant.
Generally, most of the year will have daytime temperatures around 30°C (86°F) and mid-20s (high 70s) temperatures at night.

Currency & ATM

ATM none

Kat is Burmar currency. Official bank exchange rate is around 1 USD equivalent to 350 Kat (we write this information on Feb 12,09). However, if you exchange with the black market with the tour guide or local shop, you will get around 900-1,200 Kat for 1 USD.


A visa can be issued by any Myanmar embassy or consulate abroad which we highly recommend in order to save your time and pre-plan ahead. Or you can apply for a visa online by visa agent.
Apply for Visa at Bangkok
  • Apply for Tourist Visa at Myanmar Consulate in Bangkok 810 Baht. It will take a 3-5 official day.
  • Apply for tourist visa within a day will cost  1,260 Baht
  • Apply Business visa will talk 3-5 days. Multiple entry visa fee  7,200 Baht which valid for 6 months but can stay only for 1 month at a time, single entry visa fee 1,440 Baht which valid for 3 months

Request document for Myanmar travel

Original passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity with an empty page
Passport-type photographs: 3 (2 inch)
Required Myanmar visa supporting documents for a tourist visa:
  • Photocopy of airline tickets or itinerary.
  • Prove of certain address in your home country
  • Foreigners live in Thailand should also present work permit

Business visa

– Company letter indicating purpose(s) for entry into Myanmar with the date of entry and departure.
– A letter from the company in Yangon.
**Please note if your profession is journalist or reporter is difficult to get approval visa.


Native language is Burmese. In the Big city such as Yangon and Mandalay, there are also possible to use English for communication.