Phimai Historical Park : Phimai Khmer sanctuary

Phimai Historical ParK is an ancient city started in Tarawadi period (before Khmer). It was famous after this town came into Khmer influence and Khmer sanctuary was created in the town. This Ancient city has a rectangular shape with 665 meters width and 1,030 meters in length. The Sanctuary has been magnificently restored and renovated ruins and has been preserved as a National Phimai Historical Park .

 Phimai Historical ParKPhimai Khmer sanctuary or Prasat Hin Phimai is made up of white sandstone which is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Thailand by its proportion and scene. The best time to visit is during November during Loi Kratong festival to see lights and sound celebration, and long boat racing.

Our tour program

Drive to Phimai Historical Park , First visit Phimai museum to see artifact of Khmer that are well kept in the museum. Then travel to the sanctuary, walk around to main chapel and enjoy the story and the belief of Khmer and Brahmas religion (Hindu). Lunch will be served with the most famous local food with the grilled duck and tasty sauce. Return back to Bangkok.