Should I visit this historical Park?

Before make a conclusion should I visit This park , we can give gather pictures , opinion and some video for you. Hope it’s helpful.

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If you like culture, art, history and the non-touristy site…

We think the Phimai historical park is a good place to visit. The sanctuary landscape is very nice and clean. It is very pleasure visiting if you observe the place in evening or during cools season.

If you go to phimai before for continue for your trip to northeast Thailand such as go to Phanomrung , Surin or Khonkean . It is nice idea to add Phimai in your itinerary.

siwa dance in phimai sanctuary

But if you expect that this is like Angkor wat, don’t go to Phimai Sanctuary. Phimai sanctuary is much smaller than Angkor wat but there is some differences point that visitors enjoy to observe.

Phimai during pre-Thai historical period

Phimai city was an ancient city in ancient period , so called Tarawadi Kingdom  (before Khmer). It was a resident and ancient community in the old day. Later, Khmer empire had more influence over southeast Asia.  Khmer ruled many areas in northeast of Thailand now a day and build a Khmer sanctuary in various places. Phimai was one of sanctuary which built right in the city center, which was a very big sanctuary created by King Suriyaworaman I in 11th-12th century to warship Hindu Gods. Later on, it was change to Buddhist sanctuary by King Chaiworaman VII.

guardian in front entrance pf phimai sanctuary

Phimai Sanctuary Layout and Size

This Ancient city has a rectangular shape with 565 meters width and 1,030 meters in length. The is main building so called Prang. The Prang is surrounded by 2.35 meter width gallery. There are 4 entrance that can access the main prang (building). Various an original lintel and gable made by crafted stone which has fine detail of Hindu Gods story which is nice and keep in good condition.

landscape of phimai sanctury

Phimai Khmer sanctuary or Prasat Hin Phimai is made of white sandstone which is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Thailand by its proportion and scene.

entrance of phimai sanctuary

Renovation and preservation

The Sanctuary has been magnificently restored by ministry of fine Art  and coordination with France archeologist around 55 years (1964) ago by the France technique so called anastomosis. After renovating the art object that found in the sanctuary in Phimai and other sanctuary in northeast of Thailand are preserved as a National Phimai Historical Park.

Before renovation

Phimai sanctuaryPhimai sanctuary

After Renovation

Season of travel

Cool season

The best time to visit is during November during the Loi Kratong festival to see lights and sound celebration, and long boat racing.

Location of Phimai city in Thailand,  Phumai Thailand map

 From the map , Phimai district is in Nakornratchasima province or Korat province.  It is 50 kilometers from Korat, but over 300 kms from Bangkok.

The ancient city of Phimai is very near Moon river which is a big river that connect to Mae Khong River before lead to the ocean.

Getting to Phimai

By bus

There are very often bus to Korat city center and continue to Phimai by local bus for 1 hour.

By drive

Drive to Phimai will take around 3.4-4 hours from Bangkok


Go to Buriram

Flight landed at Satook city and take around 1.3 hours by private taxi to Phimai


Open 06.00-18.00

 Phimai historical park entrance fee : 100 Thb/person


Phimai National museum

The location of the museum is not far from Phimai sanctuary. This is a well designed museum, which try to display art object as it was. They try to make it look like where this object will be kept in the real site.  Things that display here is including ornament made of bronze and stone, ancient skeleton, lintel, gable, stone crafted pillar , door gradient statue  , ancient clay and pottery, tools and equipment , Buddha statue, and divinity statue.

Open (close Monday ) : 09.00-16.00

Entrance fee :  100 THB/person

Tel 044-471-167

Phimai lintel

Phimai lintel

Phimai lintel

Phimai historical park , lintel

Other Khmer ruins in Thailand

Not far from Phimai

Phanomrung, in Burirum , Pink san stone sanctuary on the volcano

Muang tam sanctuary in Burirum

 Far from Phimai

 Prang samyod, Loburi

Prasart Muang Sing, Kanchanaburi

Prasart Sikhonraphum

Phrear vihear (in Surin Province , which on border Thai Cambodia, occasionally open from time to time)