Pattaya Nightlife – Walking street & Thai massage shop

Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya Night activities consist of night show, visit sightseeing place, go to walking street and night club area.
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  • Thai massage shop
  • Show  & activities
  • Walking street and bar area


Thai massage shop

provide traditional non-sexual Thai massages, but some do not! They scatter all around Pattaya city. It is good idea for try Thai massage for relaxing here is a T-Shirt which has a very catchy word as – Good guys go to heaven, Bad guys go to Pattaya.  What’s a funny T-shirt on sales. Once you get to go to Pattaya Soi 7,8 and walking street, you possibly agree with it.    

Pattaya is known for never-sleep nightlife paradise. The city has thousands of nightclubs, go go bars and beer bars. The center of Pattaya’s nightlife is Walking Street. Since the “social order” crackdown of 2004, there are fewer sex shows than the pass. At the present day, it is much stricter than the old days by laws.

 Boyz town

Boyztown (Pattaya Soi 13-14), Sunee Plaza, and the Jomtien Complex

are famous for their many beer bars, cabarets and go-go clubs catering to gay clients. Pattaya has the second largest concentration of gay oriented establishments in Thailand with about 110 shops Many bars specialize in specific types of hosts (slim, muscular, effeminate, etc.), while others have a broad range of men available for entertainment and sexual service.
Ice bar

Ice bar at Amari Nova suite:

Do you like cold weather? ice bar next to the main entrance and, although it costs 500 Bahts (currently USD15) to enter, is worth visiting for the experience of sitting in a bar made of ice at -5 degrees drinking free Absolute vodka shots (as many as you can drink) for the first 20 minutes. This is a cool a place to literally chill out at subzero temperatures! With everything made out of crystal clear icethe bar is kept atminus 5 degrees all year round, but still the hottest bar in town.

Walking street and bar area

Thai boxing or Muay Thai 

can be seen at several open-air beer bar complexes especially at Walking Street.
thai boxing

Ladyboy shows 

in Alcazar and Tiffany start in late evening. You will not believe that they are really men!

Cultural show 

is an interesting place to visit. Alangkarn show offers Thai cultural show for you and your family