Ratchaburi a small city with a lot to explore

Ratchaburi province is quite small, covering a total area of only 5,196 sq km; the province is located to the west of Bangkok approximate 70 km.

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Many tourists visit Ratchaburi province, but did not know event the name of the province but they know the most famous name so called Damnoen Saduak floating market.

However, there is interesting tourist spots , not just Damnoen Saduak floating market. Ratchaburi is full with nature, cultural rich, artistic work and yummy food.

How to get to Ratchaburi


Take highway 338 that lead to Phudhamonthon and Nokhorn chasidistrict

Public transport

Go to the Southern rim bus station (สถานีสายใต้ใหม่). There are a bus service start from 04.00-21.00 and departure every 30 minutes up to 2 hours.


1.Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

This is the most popular sightseeing in Ratchaburi and the best known destination where the timeless lifestyle of native Thai people can be observed along the canals.

Many people think, this is very touristy market. Yes, it is a touristy market, but it is the only place that shows the Thai ways of living. People go find noodle, food and fruit. Some people walk around to shop souvenir. Riding along the canal is with paddling boat is fun too.

Apart from this, there are many things to do with an overnight stay, you can begin by visiting some of the plantations along the small canals, visit several floating markets that operate locally same with the night market. Lastly, boats can be hired for surveying a house making coconut sugar, this way you can see how they do it and get to taste a few things that they prepare it freshly for you.

Location : Damnoen Saduak district

Open : 08.00-13.00

Admission fee : No

2.Veneto Floating Market

Cr.FB ทริิปตาใจ ไปตามทาง

I really recommend this place for anyone who loves to take photos cause it looks like a small Santorini combine with the romance of Venice. The buildings are in blue and white filled with over 50 shops including restaurants and surrounded by a large lake on over 20 acres.

Location : Suanpuang district

Open : 08.00-19.00

Admission fee : Adult 50 THb/persons


3.Wat Kongkaram

The temple was built in the Ayutthaya period. The royal family in Bangkok was a main supporter. There was Mon influence Chedi and ancient mural painting that still be seen.

Location : T.Klongtakot A.Photaram P.Ratchaburi

Admission Fee :  No

Open : Daily 10.00-20.00

Cr.FB วัดคงคาราม ราชบุรี จิตกรรมฝาผนังและพิพิธภัณฑ์พื้นบ้าน

4.Wat Pa Puttharam . Meditation cave (ถ้ำสติ ใจ วัดป่าพุทธาราม)

Cr. FB เที่ยวราชบุรี

This is a quiet temple which is a suite for meditation. Inside  there are a cave , inside there are a big stone craft Buddha statue.

Location : Moo 9 , Baan Taboonchan T.Nangkeaw A.Photaram P.Ratchaburi

Admission Fee :  No

Open : Daily 06.00-17.00

5.Samnak Huppasawan (สำนักหุบผาสวรรค์)

This is a former spiritual place that used to be really famous for 40 years ago. There are Buddha statue, Jesus statue , Chedi and cave on the mountain top and it was leave without well care.

It will be a little adventure if you visit here. Recommend to travel during the day and travel with at least 2-3 people.

Location : A.Paktor , P.Ratchaburi

Admission Fee :  No

Open : Daily

Art , Craft and Museum

6.Street art in Baan Pong (บ้านโป่ง)

A small district at Baan Pong contain street art in various forms created by different artist. Tourist is welcome to explore this small town and take pictures with all street art.

Location : A.Banpong , P.Ratchaburi

Admission fee : Free

Open : Daily

7.Baan Hom Tien (บ้านหอมเทียน)

Not just any ordinary candle shop, but this place is filled with nice scented and dreamy mood. They also provide some activities for workshop like making candles and get to take what you make home, but if you’re lazy don’t worry, they have a souvenir shop for you to grab something home.

Location : 210 Suanpuang district , P.Ratchaburi

Open : Daily 08.30-18.00

Admission fee : Free

8.Na sattha ( สัทธา อุทยานไทย)

This is a new attraction aims to show the Buddha casting and Thai art. They nicely use high-tech and multimedia display to tell story of via Buddha case, wax figures, believe in Buddhism and Lord Buddha story. This is an open-air museum in beautiful gardens which enrich Thai art.

This place is consists of 8 areas.

  • Bronze statue of great king of Thailand
  • Wax figure museum related to Thai and world famous leader
  • Buddha statue in different period
  • Cave and Buddhist disciple
  • Wax figures of top famous Buddhist disciple in Thailand
  • Thai village
  • Bonsi garden
  • Lan avalokitesoun

Besides learning about art and culture, you can also rent Thai custome and walk around the area in Thai dress which cost 200-450 THB/person.

Location : Moo 3 Phetkasem-Damnoen Saduak road , Wangyen, Bangpea, Ratchaburi

This sightseeing is on the way between Bangkok and Damnoen Saduak

Fee :  Adult 400 THB, Child 300 THB (high 90-130 cms)

Open : Daily (Mon-Fri 09.00-16.30) and Sat – Sun 08.30-17.00

9.Nang Yai Shadow Play at Wat Khanon (วัดขนอน)

cr :  FB @kongkaram Temple

The grand shadow play was regarded as a form of high class entertainment in former times and who wants to experience the beauty of this you have to visit Nang Yai Wat Khanon National museum, which situated in a Thai traditional house and preserves the entire set of 313 shadow figures in their complete condition.

Location : T.Soifah A.Photaram 70120

Open  Daily 08.00-17.30  , Performance : Saturday 10.00-11.00

Admission fee : free

10.Tao Hong Tai Ceramic factory (โรงงามเซรามิคเถ้าฮงไถ่)

This is a 80 years old factory expert on made big jar from pottery and ceramic. Visitor can see the whole process of made ceramic wear. Enjoy take pictures in various areas and shopping some product at the end of visit.

Location : T.Chedihak A.Muang P.Ratchaburi

Fee :  free

Open : Daily 08.00-17.00

Theme park

11.The Bloom Orchid Park

This is for all the flower lovers out there! There are many collections of Orchids on display and other rare and interesting varieties to see. The park is open all year round also, on sites, there’s a mini sheep farm, vegetable, field and a coffee shop for you to look around.

Location : 65 Moo 11 on highway 3335

Open : Daily 09.00-17.00

Admission fee :  Adult  100 THB/person, Child 50 THB/person

12.Suntree Land of Dolls

The owner of this place has an experience in making dolls for 30 years and he wanted this to be a dream land for all the doll lovers. Each teddy bear is dressed in different style and theme you will have fun taking a photograph with these cute big teddy bears but not just that, they also offer you to make your own dolls by yourself! Isn’t that cool?

Location : Baan Sing , Photaram district, P. Ratchaburi

Open : Daily 09.00-17.00

Admission fee :  Adult 230 THB/person Child 140 THB/person (High 90-140 Cms)

13.Alpaca Hill

Theme park with various kind of animal such as wallaby, giant rabbit, ferret, prairie dog, and maot that you can take pictures with.

Location : 357 Moo 8 , Papok-tago lang road, T.Suanpuang, A. Suanpuang P.Ratchaburi 70180

Open : Mon-Thu 09.30-17.00 , Fri and Sun 09.30-18.00 Sat 09.00-18.30

Admission fee : 290-1690 THB/person

14.Riding elephant inside canal at Damnoen Saduak floating market

Riding elephant along the plantation canal pass coconut farm, village and various plantation.

Location : Damnoen saduak floating market

Open : Daily 08.30-14.00 by estimate

Admission fee : 600-1,200 THB/person

Nature trail , Cave , Hot spring

15.Hin Khao Ngu Park (อุทยานหินเขางู)

A park was former stone mine, which later was abandoned. There are caves, and natural trail that visitor can enjoy hiking and walk. There are also stone crave on the mountain which is very nice.

Location :  T. Koh plupla A. Muang, P. Ratchaburi

Open: Daily :     08:00 – 18:00 น.

admission fee : Free

16.Watch Million bats come out from Wat Khao Chong Pran (เขาช่องพราน)

When the sun starts to fade away there are millions of bat flying out from the cave which look like a huge black smoke in the sky for more than an hour. This is one of the most amazing attractions that you cannot miss.

Visitors can also walk up the mountain which has 499 walking steps to reach the top. It was nice to see the scenery.

Location : A. Potharam P. Rachaburi GPS : N13.71815483284051 , E99.77144837379456

Daily : 17.30-18.30

Admission fee : Free

17.Khao Bin Cave (ถ้ำเขาบิน)

Anyone who loves to explore sophisticated cave, tracking to stalagmite and stalactite cave in the Khao Bin cave.

Location : A.Muang P. Ratchaburi

Open : Daily 08.00-17.00

Admission Fee : Adult 20 THB/person , child 10 THB/person


18.Khao Krajom (เขากระโจม)

It’s a mountain near the border to Myanmar located in the Suan Pheung district. There is camping site, basic facilities breath-taking scene and is pretty quiet so it’s amazing for anyone who loves the nature and adventure.

Location : A.Suan Pheung P. Ratchaburi

Open : Daily going up  04.00-07.00 , going down 07.00-19.00  and going up and down as normal from 09.00-19.00

Admission Fee : Adult 40 THB/person , child 10 THB/person  Allow only 4X4 drive only

19.Khao Prathap Chang Forest Research Station and Open Zoo (เขาประทับช้าง)

There is a 40 acres area using as open zoo and visitor can meet a variety of wildlife animal in a close range here. All the animals here were making sure that they have a better life under the care of Khao Prathap Chang Forest Research Station. The zoo opens daily and the admission is free but, donation for animal’s food is as well accepted.

Location : A.Joonbung P. Ratchaburi

Open : Daily

Admission Fee : 40 THB/person

20.Bo Khlueng Hot Stream (ธารน้ำบ่อคลึง)

Getting a little tired? Come and relax at this hot stream! They said the water has many healing properties and consists of carbon, salt and other minerals. The water temperature is usually flowing at between 40-50 degrees.

Location : Ror por chor road 4065 , Baan Toong fak  P. Ratchaburi

Open : Mon – Fri 08.00-17.00

Admission fee : 10 THB /person

21.Keang Sommeaw (แก่งส้มแมว)

This a botanic garden and a natural wonder that allows you to trekking and swimming in the stream

Location : Queen sirikit botanic garden, A. Suanpuang , P. Ratchaburi

Open : Daily 06.00-18.00

Admission fee : 20 THB/ person

We hope you found our Ratchaburi province information helpful. Which is very easy to escape from Bangkok for one day.

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