Top 10 Things to do in “Ratchaburi”

Ratchaburi province is quite small, covering a total area of only 5,196 sq km; the province is located to the west of Bangkok approximate 70 km. But that doesn’t mean there’s no interesting spot for you to visit in fact, today im going to show you Things to do and place to go while you’re in Ratchaburi.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnern Saduak Floating MarketWe have to put this as our number one list cause this is the most popular sight in Ratchaburi and the best known destination where the timeless lifestyle of native Thai people can be observed along the canals.

2. Baan Hom Tien

Baan Hom Tien

Not just any ordinary candle shop but this place is filled with nice scented and dreamy mood. They also provide some activities for workshop like making candles and get to take what you make home but if you’re lazy don’t worry, they have souvenir shop for you to grab something home.

3. Veneto Float Market


I really recommend this place for anyone who loves to take photo cause it looks like a small Santorini combine with the romance of Venice. The buildings are in blue and white filled with over 50 shops including restaurants and surrounded by a large lake on over 20 acres.

4. Bo Khlueng Hot Stream

Hot Stream

Getting a little tired? Come and relax at this hot stream! They said the water have many healing properties and consists of carbon, salt and other minerals. The water temperature is usually flow at between 40-50 degrees.

5. Nang Yai Shadow Play at Wat Khanon

Wat Kanon

The grand shadow play was regarded as a form of high class entertainment in former times and who wants to experience the beauty of this you have to visit Nang Yai Wat Khanon National Museum which situated in a Thai traditional house and preserves the entire set of 313 shadow figures in their complete condition.

6. Khao Prathap Chang Forest Research Station and Open Zoo

Khao Prathap Chang Forest Research Station and Open Zoo

There is a 40 acres area using as open zoo and visitor can meet a variety of wildlife animal in a close range here. All the animals here were making sure that they have a better life under the care of Khao Prathap Chang Forest Research Station. The zoo opens daily and the admission is free but, donation for animal’s food is as well accepted.

7. Suntree Land of Dolls

suntree land of dolls

The owner of this place is having an experience in making dolls for 30 years and he wanted this to be a dream land for all the doll lovers. Each teddy bear is dressed in different style and theme you will have fun taking a photograph with these cute big teddy bears but not just that, they also offer you to make your own dolls by yourself! Isn’t that cool?

8. The Bloom Orchid Park

The bloom orchid park

This is for all the flower lovers out there! There are many collections of Orchids on display and other rare and interesting varieties to see. The park is open all year round also, on site there’s a mini sheep farm, vegetable field and a coffee shop for you to look around.

9. Khao Chong Phran Bat Cave

Khao Chong Phran Bat Cave

When the sun start to fade away there are millions of bat flying out from the cave which look like a huge black smoke in the sky for more than an hour. This is one of the most amazing attractions that you cannot miss.

10. Khao Krajom

khao krajom ratchaburi

It’s a mountain near the border to Myanmar located in Suan Pheung district. There is camping site, basic facilities breath-taking scenic and is pretty quiet so it’s amazing for anyone who loves the nature and adventure.

Apart from this, there are many things to do with an overnight stay, you can begin by visiting some of the plantations along the small canals, visit several floating markets that operate locally same with the night market. Lastly, boats can be hired for surveying a house making coconut sugar, this way you can see how they do it and get to taste a few things that they prepare it freshly for you.

Coconut Sugar Making

We hope you found our Ratchaburi province information helpful. Which is very easy to escape from Bangkok for one day.