Things to do in Bangkok with family at Kudee Chine

Things to do in Bangkok with family , The old community

One of the oldest communities of Bangkok along the river is the Kudee chine community, ancient  river in Thonburi Bangkok. The old community has a history date back over 200 years,which even before Bangkok or Krungthep was official establishing and capital city.  Kudee Chine or multi cultural place of Bangkok is combine with 6 old communities. Choomchon Wat Kallaya, choomchon Wat Prayoonwong, chomchon Wat booparam, choomchon kudee koaw and choomchon Rongkam are located next to one another. They preserve old heritage, art, and culture well till it become one of the famous sightseeing of Bangkok. 
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So Things to do in Bangkok with family ?

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There are so many things that one can do at Bangkok Kudee Chine. You can visit the old Thai temple, Chinese shine, Santa Cruze Church and Muslim mosque in one area. You can take pictures of nice sightseeing in Bangkok, tasting yummy snack and meet the local people.

Santa Cruze Church  and Portuguese influence

King Taksin , Thonburi dynasty, allowed the Portuguese to dwell here. Therefore, they set santa Cruze Church right along the river . The current Church is the third edition since it was built. It is over 100 years old which the last big renovated was in 1916-1919. The art of this Church influenced by neo classic and Renaissance and decorate with stain glass which is imported from Portuguese.
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Open daily  06:00-08:00 and 17:00-20:00 Sunday 08:30-10:00 Influence from Portuguese was not just evident in the architecture. Food is another thing that Thai receives in term of desert heritage. There are so many kinds of Thai dessert influence from Portuguese, but that famous one is  Kanom Farang Kudee Chine or Que Que (กือ กือ) in the original language. It is very similar to small cake but crispy from the outside. Other menu is also Kanom Ba Bin (ขนมบ้าบิ่น)or Quenijada de Coimbra for instance.

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Chinese Influence at Kuan An Keng Shine (ศาลเจ้าแม่กวนอิม กวนอันเก๋ง)

The classical style Chinese shine is located along the river. There are many wonders wood carving decoration.

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Outstanding Thai temple Wat Kallaya

is located along the river. The King Rama III renovated abandon temple to the biggest Buddhist temple along the river in order to resemble in Wat Phanancheng in Ayuttaya. The main building and decoration item is a sandstone statue from China.
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Islam Heritage Continue walk to klong Bang luang (Banglung canal) ,

you can go to the Muslim mosque of Klong Bang Luang.   It is an Islamic religion place, but built in Buddhism style. It has shown the correlation of both believe. No matter who you respect, they sill be able to live well together. If you wonder what to do in Bangkok, taking a walk to the Kudee Chine community is a good idea to learn and get close to Bangkok.