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Bangkok tour package  & Vacations

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  • Visit the charming Palace
  • Royal Temples enrich in culture
  • Boat trip along Bangkok canal
  • Visit Golden Buddha

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Spend 1 – 3 days outside city close to Bangkok

  • Pattaya – Beach town for hop island trip
  • Kanchanaburi  or River Kwai –  mountain trekking, water fall, elephant riding or elephant sanctuary
  • Khao Yai – National park and nature
  • Damnoern Saduak & Amphawa – floating market & train market and Fisherman village
  • Ayutthaya – Ancient city and yummy river prawn

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  • Tuk tuk ride
  • Shopping paradise at JJ market (weekend market)
  • Enjoy yummy street food  
  • Relaxing with Thai massage

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You could spend  10 days  and visit various sightseeing in Bangkok without duplication. That is not we recommend, most visitors stay 3-4 days. We also set 3-4 days for the Bangkok package tour, which go to highlight of Bangkok or combination with visit neighbor  city.

Some enjoy taking just one day in Bangkok and then escape to another city.  So check each city what things we recommend you should do in Bangkok and close by city.


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Bangkok is busy , modern and hectic Thailand capital – But we have uniqueness that you could enjoy following this.

  • Temple & Palace , wonderful scenic  . Recommend Wat Arun (temple of dawn), Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha ),  Wat Trimit (Golden Buddha temple), Wat Ben (Marble temple)  and Grand Palace. Grand Palace is great, but always busy and very long walk to get inside. Reconsider if visit with small kids or elderly. If you like art and architecture , you can visit all of this place. But if not, visit  Wat Pho and Wat Trimit is good enough.
  • Canal trips , recommend in the evening or morning since it’s less people
  • Shopping – JJ, weekend or Chatujak market , over 2,000 shops in open air market

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  • MOCA Museum – private museum with well contemporary Thai art collection
  • Street food at China town in the evening or during the day
  • Weekend floating market if you like to eat . Bangnamphoung and Klong Ladmayom. It is the best place to explore and taste Thai Food.

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This 2 cities are just  60-90 minute ride out of Bangkok

  • Amphawa Floating Market open only Fri, Sat and Sun in evening. Some long weekend the market is also operated too. Many Thai tourists go there too and said it more authentic  and less touristy. The highlight is including
    • Yummy food – Lot of ice cream
    • Evening boat trip to see firefly
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating market – This morning market is open everyday. Boat ride through the market and farm is highlighted.
  • Train Market – People sales thing on the train track. When the train come to the station, it passes the market which is so hectic and amazing to see.
  • Temple – Some temple such as Wat Bangkoong , Wat Nangyai  have a nice collection of theater and tree surround the Buddha.

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  • Farm Activity
    • Fisherman Farm – take a boat ride to Thailand gulf, on the way, see the wild monkey and local fisherman working on their field and eat Yummy seafood at a local restaurant.
    • Coconut farm – see them working and making coconut juice or help them to work one coconut field.

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The former capital city of Thailand, which has a world heritage site at the royal palace and temple.  It takes 60 minutes to drive there.

  • The temple that recommends to visit, including Wat Mahathat, and Wat Chai watttanaram
  • Eating river tiger prawn , we do not add in our program since it is high cost

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This is a mountain city on the west of Bangkok and share border of Myanmar.  It is around 2 hours away from Bangkok , which you could do a day trip of overnight.

  • Visit the bridge on the river kwai
  • Erawan waterfall, the most beautiful place that you could also trek and swimming (recommend for overnight)
  • Tiger temple – No tiger there, but you could walk up and see the scenic view of rice field and hug Buddha statue outstanding.
  • Hell Fire Pass, the best place to learn about WWII history (recommend to make overnight , if you like to visit this place)

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  • Rock Valley Hot Spring and Fish spa
  • Mallika 124 – retro-city reflecting the pass Siamese lifestyle – fun place for taking photos
  • Stay overnight on raft house

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Pattaya is an active beach town which has a lot offer . Many people know Pattaya as wild night, but there are many more. The beaches of Pattaya are simply perfect for unhurried rest. Here you will find simply everything for comfortable pastime.

  • Sanctuary of Truth, the construction of which began in 1985
  • Alcazar Cabaret Show in Pattaya city has all the allure and Las Vegas razzmatazz.
  • Cartoon Network
  • Nongnuch Garden , the largest park with a variety of exotic plants and cultural show

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  • Take a boat trip to swim. Keep in mind that there are quiet beach and beach with a lot of activities & optional service .

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Khao yai is a national park within 2,000 square kilometers of forest and grassland. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the third largest national park in Thailand Sponsored.

  • Haew Narok waterfall . Visit the waterfall and walk in the jungle trail for1 hour
  • Grand Monte Winery – wine tasting program
  • Evening , safari

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long tail boat in river of the kingSee More Package

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