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Around Tour Package & Road trip to Thailand Package

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What is around tour / Road trip to Thailand package?

Seeking for the ultimate experience from Road trip to Thailand . Basically, this package would travel from the Bangkok to Chiang mai or vise versa.

Driving around Thailand could be from Bangkok to the north , northeast of Thailand or to southern Thailand.

Northern route: What can you see during around tour?

For the classic road trip to Thailand package or around tour, visitors will stop such as

  • Temple ruins
  • World heritage , historical park
  • Rice Farm , pineapple farm
  • Village – craft work villager
  • City Highlights
  • Natural park

Main Destination to the northern Thailand.

The main destination to stop overnight or spending time for sightseeing

Ayutthaya – historical park and sighting to world heritage site – former capital of Thailand

Phitsanoluloke – A town half way from the north to central of Thailand. See the Buddha statue factory, folk museum and scared Buddha statue – Phaphutchinarat

Sukhothai “the dawn of happiness, city” , former capital of Thailand with nice park for cycling or sightseeing to see the ruins.

Lampang – Charming small town that visitors can enjoy old house when riding on the horse back

Chiang rai, – Maintains town to visit hill tribe people, golden triangle and gorgeous temple and beautiful art.

Chiang mai – the capital city of Lanna Kingdom age over 700s year. Visitors can enjoy walking to the temple, local food, a lot of activities.   

Southern Thailand route

Things that you could see and enjoy during the trip

  • Visit beaches, town to stop
  • Nice temple along the way – Nakorn Srithamrat
  • Yummy food (any one love spicy , you should like spicy food, you will love southern food)
  • Khaosok & Chiawlarn dam , place that you could stay over night at raft house and trekking to thejungle
  • Snorkeling and diving


Destination to visit and overnight on the way to the southern of Thailand

Ranong : Ranong is seaside share border with Burma that’s now fully open for overland travel into either country. Markets bustle in the provincial capital while waterfalls, islands , hot spring, mountains, and a scenic coastline beckon you to explore the surrounding province.

Hua Hin :  Hua Hin is a seaside resort on the Thailand Gulf. The town was once a quiet fishing village, later it grew into a fashionable escape for residents of Bangkok after the 1920s, after the Thai royal family built summer palaces here. Hua Hin Beach is famous for kite surfing and other water sports, is the main stretch of sand, lined with high-end hotels and seafood shacks.

Chumporn : Chumphon is known for coral reefs and a long coastline dotted with beaches. In the south, the forested Phato district is home to the Phato Canal and the Heo Lom Waterfall. Cradled by the Phuket mountains, the province’s capital, Chumphon city, is a entrance to tropical islands, including the popular Koh Tao, koh samui and koh nangyuan .

Many visitors did not take around tour via driving since it is less stop and take very long distance drive before reach the main destination such as Phuket, Samui, Khaolak or Krabi.

What is expected from around / road trip?

See the lifestyle of Thai people. 

Enjoy visit non-main sightseeing 

See rural life of Thai people

Taste local food – It is absolutely, that visitors won’t find Starbucks, Mc Donald or KFC in every city. But local food is a real experience that you must do and wait for you to try.

Shop local products – forget about shopping mall, but you will be able to go to the village to see how they made products and perhaps a chance to buy those stuff too.


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