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Chiang Mai Day Tours idea  to meet the local , enjoy eating and visit temples

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Explore Chiang mai and learn Lanna culture, taste authentic local food , adventure with canopy ride, walking , visit elephant sanctuary.

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Chiang mai is a hub of the north of Thailand, which has a nice landscape. Explore Chiang mai and learn more about Lanna culture, taste authentic local food, adventure with canopy ride, walking in the old city, trekking to village , visit long neck hill tribe people. You can also make a trip to Chiang rai, Mea Hong Son or Doi Inthanon.

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Highlight in Chiang Mai

Temple in Chiang mai

The temple is a center of Chaing mai my spirit. Within 70 years of development. The temple shows the rich culture in terms of art, decoration and story of secret Buddha in depicting of mural painting. Ritual practicing is also a daily routine which open for those

Wat Srisupan is an amazing place to see the local people dedicate their labor for the magnificent chapel adorned in silver plate. Get to know the captivating history of Wat Srisupan an ordination hall with inscriptions that tell the story of Buddha and other Buddhist tales.

Wat Phrathad Doi Suthep; the most sacred temple in Northern Thailand. Here you can see the items in religious rituals such as Buddhist sculptures excellently crafted by hand, manifesting the inspiration in Buddhism and also revealing the chronology of Lanna (Chiang mai) history and tradition.

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Village people

First of all nothing relates to Y.M.C.A , it is about visit village to do things and participate with them. You can take a biking trip, enjoy cooking or teaching English for kids.

Hill tribe people

Chiang mai is surrounded by mountain. Many people tribes live in the northern part of Chiang mai. Spend a day or half day to visit them is a good idea right.

Meet the Elephant

The elephant had been used for pull the logs since the British came to this area. Now elephant kept and help the local and traveler built tourist industry grow in leisure.


Why not try Saiua and Koasai are common dish that everyone love. To full fill the trip and experience local food is what visitors enjoy.

Summary about Chiang mai full day tours

Now you get and idea what you can do when you plan the trip to Chiang mai. If you are still not sure what to do, email us or call us so if you think we can help to make the trip fun and success.

+66 2 616 6007 (Monday- Friday 08.30-17.30 )


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Chiang mai Tour

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Chiang Mai Half Day Tour

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Chiang mai Full Day Tour