Chiang rai Tours

This mountainous city share border to Laos and Myanmar (formerly Burma) .  The city was established in 1262 during the King Mangrai. The long history of its area make the city has old temples and ruins city. In addition, the modern development and social movement make Chiang rai interesting to visit.  The Golden triangle, Meakong river ,  Wat Roongkoon, Wat Hua Pla kang, Phu cheefah and Baan Dam are in a listing of must visiting place.

Chiang rai city center – for leisure

Later on Chiang rai  is gradually developing its tourist sector such as  Night Bazaar, weekend Walking Street and Jazz Festival.

The riverside remains nature atmospheric , albeit with a few luxury hotels along the waterfront. To fully appreciate the beauty of the Mae Kok riverside, adventure by hire a long-tail boat and take in the scenery along the two riverbanks. At the end of the day, Chiang Rai City is all about chilling out and taking it in slowly, savoring each moment as it comes.