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Thailand Holiday Packages : Multi Destinations

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Thailand Holiday Packages 

4-21 days trip for Thailand packages combine many cities together.  Helping you to get to see main highlight, get the best of your valuable time in main destination.  In additional, you can enjoy

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More Package 

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Thailand tour package 3 days 2 nights

Visit any major city in Thailand for 3 days and two nights. This is main city that have international flight and you can visit .

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Bangkok Tour 3 days

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Khanchanaburi (River Kwai : Extension from Bangkok )

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Chiang mai – Northern Thailand and Mountain


  • Cultural site, such as temple , hill tribe village
  • A lot of things to do with elephant such as riding elephant, elephant baht and elephant sanctuary
  • Cooking class & Food
  • Adventure and trekking to hill tribe village
  • Swimming at Chiang mai Grand Cayon and waterfall
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  • Relaxing Beach
  • Access to Phi Phi Island
  • Visit James Bond island and canoeing trip
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  • City of horse riding
  • Home of elephant at Elephant cp
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Khao sok (National Park near Phuket , Krabi , Khaolak , Samui )

  • Trip to prehistoric limestone cliffs
  • Jump In Sail away and explore tropical island by kayaking
  • Visit Cheow Larn Lake and trekking to mountain top
  • Wildlife in National park such as pangolin, tapir, gaur, deer and wild elephant
  • See Bua Phut (Raffliasia Kerrii) The largest flora in tropical forest
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Khao Lak

  • Nice and long beach
  • Near Surin Island , nice snorkeling site
  • Not far from Similan Island
  • Visit the sea gypsy village
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Koh Lipe

Idea activities at Koh Lipe

  • Watch the sun rise on the beach
  • Take Yoka class at Castaway resort or Keiritas
  • Day trip to Koh Adang rawi
  • Monday , show up for help cleaning the beach
  • Hike to viewpoint
  • Go sea kaying to a tiny island
  • Join a batik workshop at art garden
  • Massage on the beach
  • Enjoy Sunset with cocktails
  • See a fire show
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What is the cheapest month to fly to Thailand ?

This question is the same as what months are low season in Thailand ? During April – June and September to October have less visitors to come to Thailand. The flight rate may related in different countries and festival such as during early June or late July, the price of Air ticket may not supper cheap if you travel from Europe due to spring break time.

We recommend checking price and book early once you find the price you need. You never know that maybe if you check often enough, you can get the lowest ticket rate. Then you can spend more on  hotel and sightseeing here.

What should I pack for 2 weeks in Thailand?

It is relies on your travel program. If you stay in 1-2 destinations , you can have cloth for 6-7 days. You can clean the cloth and reuse till going back. However, you may buy new clothes since it is not expensive here.

guideline for vacation, check list.

Guideline for packing for vacation.

Is visa need for Thailand ?

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See More Package

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Golf Package

Hua Hin Sea pine golf

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