Tourist Guide Arty – Information & Interview

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Interview : Arty

Arty : Bangkok tour guide sightseeing tours – Sawaddee krab (hello), I am Arty, a Bangkok local Tour Guide. The below is my interview. I would like to share my knowledge and experience to you. I will show you around Bangkok and nearby. Definitely, your holidays will be full of joy and fun.

Arty information : Bangkok tour guide 

Name: Thitiphan Kitwarawong (Arty)
University/ Bachelor’s Degree: Suan Sunantha (English Business)
Tour guide experience: 9 years
Experience: Tour guide
Knowledge base: Culture, a way of live, nightlife and shopping

Arty interview

1. Please introduce yourself

 I was born and grew up in Bangkok. Basically, I am lovely, flexible and optimistic. My sense of humor is my charming. I am happy when my clients laughed and smiles.

2. Why have you chosen to become a tour guide? 

Indeed, I like traveling. I have been traveling to many places in Thailand and I fall in love in histories, architectures, cultures and people in each area. Therefore, I would like to share my experiences and knowledge to my customers.

3. What are some of the places you like to visit?

 It is hard to tell the favorite place because each place has its own beauty and historical value. But I would say the Grand Palace because it belongs to the Kings. It is a Reception place for welcoming the Heads of States from different countries.

4. What do you do during your free time? 

Going to a fitness center is what I like to do when I have free time. Swimming and fishing is fun to do. Moreover, playing a guitar is my relax time. Also, I like to see movies and listen to music as well.

5. What complements do you get most from your customers?

 I am flexible, informative and fun-loving. Also, I have sense of humor.

6. What would you like to share with tourists that would help promote Thailand? 

Thailand is regarded as a Land of Smile. Furthermore, it has many World Heritage Sites. Many people said when you stay in Thailand more than 2 weeks, you would never want to go back to your country. If you want to know why it is like that, you should find it out by yourself here. Also, Thais have hospitality and positive attitude.

7. Tell us about your impressions of your clients

My repeat clients asked me to be their tourist guide Bangkok again when they came back to Thailand.
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