Guide GEE , lovely guide from Bangkok

guide gee
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Guide GEE , Nilobon Thongkam

Born in Year *  1994

Born and raise in city , town name  Bangkok

First year of work as tour guide * A wonderful memories

Degree/ University * Silpakorn university

degree * Bachelor’s degree in french and anthropology

Special talent *  singing

Language skill *  English and French

Area of interest *

Culture and history, food tour, elder and kids, religion

Please in introduce yourself (personality , hobby , goal of life perhaps) *

Easy-going, cheerful, sincere not talkative but informative. Reading and singing. Goal : rest in peace in the end of life.

guide gee

City / country that you can do the work

Bangkok , Kacnahanaburi ,  Floating market , Damnoen saduak and Amphawa

The rest of choice, I’d love to do but not have experience yet.

Why you become tour guide ? *

I love to take care of people and love to share. I’m so glad to represent many things in my own country such as food and culture.

Place you live to visit ? and Why ? *

I love to go to wat pho. Because if you understand everything in that temple, it means you already understand 80% of temples in thailand.

What complement do you get most from your customers? *

We love your smile and you are not a normal guide that we’ve met before.

Idea for Thailand trip that you like to recommend . It could be

activities, itinerary, or things that people should not miss *

Community base tourism in upcountry is the best way that you can get the experience of local life. If you want to understand whole thai history is Ayutthaya>Bangpa-In>grand palace>wat pho. Yaowarat is a contemporary part of the city. And Iconsiam is a modern and luxury shopping mall that you should go. All of these are for discover the diversity of life’s style in Thailand. And of course, we also have many others place that waiting for you to explore 🙂

Tell the benefit of hire tour guide *

Not just only a guide but a good guide because they can inform you about do and don’ts, a true version of history not a fake one(at least, rely on archeological evidence), some tips and tricks for go around by yourself and they can answer when you have any questions about the culture, everywhere, anytime! And the most important, guide is not just a guide. But they’re also a friend that go around with you to take care of you, prevent unexpected events and make you feel warm like walking in your home town.

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Should i hire Bangkok tour guide?

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