Travel insurance Thailand Visit provided by Inbound Tour Operator

Accident Insurance during trip

***Accident insurance issue by tour tour operator is not the same travel insurance from your home country.  Those Travel insurance may cover luggage lost during flight transit, or delay of flight from snow storm. 

We apply accident insurance for all passengers during travel in Thailand and our neighbor country all trip long once you book the tour with us. Please note this is not valid for guide service or escorted guide service and transfer service, the additional charge is applied for 50 Baht/person

  • Process and documentation
  • Protection
  • Claim report and process

Accident Insurance : Process and documentation

We need 1-2 days (official days) to submit information with the insurance company. Once you join with our trip, please give us detail of

  1. Full name of passenger
  2. Passport number

Accident Insurance : Protection

Plan 1
Plan 3
Plan 5
Customer of LJ Biz Service
Day Tour
Package tour
within once city
Package tour
in multi cities
1.Personal Accident (Baht)
2. Accident Medical Expense (Baht
3. Personal Liability (Baht)

Accident Insurance : Claim report and process

Once accident during the trip you can go to the hospital and pay all medical expenses in advance. Please inform the hospital to write down the reports of your illness and sent report back to us via mail which should include document request
  • Hospital report
  • Your explanation for accident or situation
  • Medical receipt (original)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Boarding pass
  • Email
  • Your Bank detail so they can transfer money back to you

Insurance Company Contact person

Khun Jirawan – NZI Fax 02-652-8896 :  02-207-0266 -85 ext 5532 LJ Biz office –

Need travel Insurance Thailand trip  cover all trip , you may need to contact your agent or insurance agent at your home town.