Recommend Best Thai Restaurants in Bangkok


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Yummy food at Bangkok Restaurants

Reviews of Bangkok restaurants – Thai and non- Thai food
If you come to Thailand and do not try authentic Thai food , you have not really visited Thailand in its fair light. The true heart of Thai food rests in locally owned Bangkok restaurants. If you only spend time in restaurants inside the hotel, you won’t really get to know Thai specialties. The following recommended restaurants are authentic Thai, international Thai full of Thainess in terms of taste, cook, atmosphere, and services, European, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines.
  • What does the Thais eat in daily life ?
  • What is Thai food?
  • High-end Thai restuarants in Bangkok
  • Famous Bangkok restaurants of Bangkok people
  • Bangkok restaurants in Siam and Silom area
  • Chiang mai restaurants
  • Hua Hin restaurants
  • Pattaya restaurants
  • Phuket restaurants

What does the Thais eat in daily life ?

Thais and their food go hand in hand- Thais love to eat food. Normal Thais snack all day long- foreigners familiar with Thailand would tell you that they have given up trying to stop Thai staff from offering snacks all day long at work. Eating 3 meals a day is a minimum for Thais. Foodservices are available around the clock. This city that never sleeps also never stops eating. Many late night goers indulge in pad thai or Thai noodle soup after a fun night of dancing in a disco or going to the cinema. Even a franchise such as Seven Eleven a whole sell food 24 hours.

What is Thai food?

Blue elephant 1Thai food is known for its unique taste, however the root of Thai food can be traced back to a combination of Chinese and Indian food. The flavor is spiced with tropical herbs available in the region which distinguish it from its original taste. With global influences, cuisines that are more international are rapidly establishing Bangkok as a city with a variety of fine dines. Back to the topic of Thai food, although this section is intended to introduce you to the best Bangkok restaurants, this is not an easy task, since there are a lot of noteworthy Thai restaurants throughout the city. Because individual taste of favorite foods is subjective, many local favorites may not at first try, be a foreigner’s favorite.

We decided to write recommendations based on personal experiences. This topic is based on our mom’s taste, a group of friends who get together after a shopping spree, quick meals and local eating habits.

High-end Thai restuarants in Bangkok

Methavalai Sorndang, fancy restaurant next to The Victory Monument
The Blue Elephant, international Thai restaurant with world wide branches which own and operated by Thai lady

Famous Bangkok restaurants of Bangkok people On the street Seafood restaurant

Choose your favorite seafood consist of lobster, giant river prawn, jelly fish, calamari, sting ray, and sea fish, fresh all cooked as you want. Our food is full of sweetness and crunchy from the fresh. Our tailor made seafood restaurants are located all over Bangkok. They are affordable and comparable to the fanciest hotel.

Street Vendors

Bangkok restaurants01

 From block to block are street vendors, the preparation excellent Thai dishes, and along economical prices. There are Thai noodle soups, Lad nar, Pat Thai, papaya Thai salad, Thai omelets, and rice and pork shop, stream chicken or duck roasted. Each dish is prepared in a high restaurant style fashion, and of course is budget and a time saver.
At the shopping mallHot pot : MK Sukhiyaki
MK Sukhiyaki is a self serve dish cook in a big hot pot. It is easy style to prepare very healthy food for vegetarian lover. The menu provides a list of meat balls, meats, as well as exquiste vegetables. By putting meats and vegetables in the hot pot, its ready to cook and serve. Adding extra such as delicious sauces&spices, can be done to further excite this already healthy meal.
Kanonjean Bangkok ( Ka-non-gean)
Fresh rice noodle dish served with fresh and steamed vegetables topped with various kind of sauces. There are chicken red curry sauces, grounded park with peanut sauce, chicken with green curry sauce, and ground fish with clear sauce. It is recommended use one sauce at the time.
Black Canyon Coffee

Bangkok restaurants02

It is a franchise restaurant located in shopping  complexes. The standard menu for a full service coffee house features an extensive array of coffees from various regions and prepared in many different styles.Various kind of western foods are served as well.

The Blue Elephant

Blue elephant 3


Location, Look & Feel

The Blue Elephant is situated near the BTS station, Surasak. The Blue Elephant building used to be the office of China-Thailand Chamber of Commerce but has been renovated into this high class restaurant. The European architecture and style is very pronounced.

Recommended dishes

Blue elephant res4

This restaurant offers delicious Thai food and also has a cookery school. The quality and standards set forth by The Blue Elephant ensure that its diners will enjoy only an exceptional meal. The food is always delicious and the ambiance always soothing. However, we recommend you order the set menu, as it is convenient. The recommended dishes are crispy and spicy squid, Tom Yum, and fish cakes.
Blue elephant fish cake
This Thai restaurant is generally fully booked, thus advance booking is recommend

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