Guide to Bangkok Night Club, Area to hang out at night


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Bangkok Night Club

 by Guide Mee 

After the sun sets at the end of the sky, lights from Bangkok night clubs are turned on. They make Bangkok workers awake from a busy day. There are many sorts of Bangkok night clubs.

Those who want to focus on night life entertainment must read this page so you can select the right area that you can easily to go after explore the night in Bangkok.


You can start searching for your favorite Bangkok night club from Soi 1 up to almost the beginning of Sukhimvit road.

The famous places are Soi Na Na and Soi Cow Boy (Asoke), where lots of go-go bar girls are beckoning and waiting for you to buy them some drinks.

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Soi Nana , Sukhimvit road

 Soi Nana on is in Soi Nana area, Sukhumvit soi 3 is another wild night for male visitors.

Nana Plaza is a center of go go bars, and show girls pubs.  Nana Plaza is  dedicated for a male adult’ scene. That means no family attraction, no markets and few curious tourists.

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Soi Cowboy

Wild night to hang out in Bangkok red light district with lots of bar girls and club. It is not recommended to visit with your honey or couple. It is a place that man goes to find a girl. Many visitor think this is  Absolute scam place and should avoid to visiting.

But we put this place in the list so you can see the dark side of Bangkok. It is up to your judgment.

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Tonglor Area

If you are looking for a place to hang out with friend and family.  Tonglor is a center of restaurants and nice place at night for meeting friends, family and couple. . If you like cool and chick night life , Tonglor is a place that every love and you should not miss to visit once.


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Black Amber

Black Amber is between Tonglor Soi 5 and 7. This is a vintage-style barber and bar together. It looks modern, yet classic shop has a luxurious “The Great Gatsby” feel. The barber services include haircuts, beard shaving and styling.

Black Amber operates a 1920’s speakeasy social club, with tailor shop, handmade accessory and vintage clothing, and a 1920’s speakeasy lounge that serves tea, coffee, as well as alcoholic drinks.

Location: Black Amber, Thonglor between Soi 5 and 7
Opening Times: Tuesday to Sunday, from 12pm-9pm (Social Club opens until 1am)
For more information visit their Facebook. Tel: 081-869-9393

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Marsh – Amazing Craft beers (10 minutes walk from BTS station)

Find the locker room – 88  – sacred location with no address.  Secret behind locker room

Heaven lunge , rooftop bar  , inexpensive beer only for 200 THB>


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More recommend place in Tonglor

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The Q Bar 

Q Bar is one of the most famous Bangkok night clubs. Moreover, it is a high-class night club where models and good-looking foreigners always go. Although only a few Thais are seen in this place, they can harmonize completely with the farangs (foreigners) and are welcome to have fun with one another. It is located in Sukhumvit Soi 11. You can take the sky train or subway (Asoke) to get there. It is very convenient and often recommended by foreigners. You can hold a swinging party there, and as you are also allowed to take photos, you will not miss capturing the best shot of your lovely group.

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Bottoms up wine, beer & Bistro Bar

This pub and restaurant serve contemporary food between Italian and France feature for Thai people preferable tested. There are many zones of this place which feature fusion food , cocktail , wine and live  band to play Thai music and contemporary song. The decoration is with a lot of modifying pictures hang on the wall. This place is run by Chef Ken- Arnon Masanglong , one of the top famous Thailand chefs.

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Bangkok Night life in Ratchadapisek Road – Rama 9

If you expect to see Thai teenagers dancing and hanging out with friends, you must go to Royal City (RCA), Ratchada Soi 4 or Chatuchak Market night clubs. Foreigners will be looked upon in surprise in those areas. Definitely, the prices of beverages are cheaper compared to Sukhumvit. No entrance fee will be charged, and Hip Hop, Rap and Blues are played.

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Recommended place

Route 66 (after 11.00 p.m. it is more people come and they has live music, dance and hip hop)

Onxy – Type of music House , Vocal House  or Chill out

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Kao San Road 

Kao San Road is where mixed nationalities are generally found. There are Thai people going for a Thai live music place as well as foreigners. It starts after dark till 2.00 p.m. Visitors can shop, do fake ID card, hair dress and eating there. Check out dance club at Gulliver. Chill place to sit at the Gazebo.

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Near Riverside

 One night in Bangkok (Sirrocco, China town, Stree food & Patpongs) 

This Bangkok night tour features highlights of Bangkok at night, which all sites were used as a scene in Hang Over II. Visit sky bar to view the sunset. Taste street food in China town and go to the red light district at Patpong From THB 2,000PP/Night

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Calypso & Dinner & Shopping at ASIATIQUE river front 

You can experience the Bangkok’s exciting nightlife by watching the Calypso cabaret show performed by drag queens (female imposters) right after a Thai dinner at Calypso restaurant. Enjoy shopping after all From THB 800PP/Night

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It opens every day, but the busiest time is Saturday night. The best time to go there is about 11 p.m. because the D. J. starts playing more upbeat songs. If you go very late, no seats may be available.

Scratching the songs by the cool D.J. can be seen. You will definitely have fun with your friends. Do not forget to bring your ID card or passport. The under-20-year-old people are not allowed to go inside. An entrance fee will be charged, but you can get a free drink in exchange. Furthermore, night life in Bangkok can be seen along the Sukhumvit area from the time the sun sets until almost dawn. Moreover, the vendors in the night market are waiting for you to bargain wisely. Apart from interesting Bangkok night clubs such as the Q Bar, many other attractive pubs are waiting for you to explore. Our professional guides can recommend the best clubs which suits you. We are waiting for you to have fun with us!



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Things to do in Bangkok at night