Phuket night, Guide to make a wonderful night

Phuket night
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Phuket is located on the west coast (Andaman Sea) of the south of Thailand. One of the top-ten famous destinations in the world. Don’t lose a chance to relax with your friends and enjoy a selection of fine wines, exotic cocktails and chilled beer with dinner at Phuket. Dining by beach-side from sunrise to sunset, indoor or terrace seating for romantic features, where can arrange private parties for you. You can find this pub and restaurants throughout Phuket.

Exotic cocktails, chilled beer and fine wines with great food at sea or beach view are always better in Phuket.

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  • Night show, Phuket fantasia, Cabaret show
  • Night Bar , Party
  • Restaurants
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Phuket Night Market and Walking Street

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1.Bangla walking street

Are you looking for a sea side bar, clubs go-go bar , a cabaret or just food , souvenir and Thailand massage? You can get it from Bangla. This is a crazy place for purely entertaining and may not a place for those who do not like the loud and busy place. However, it is a good people watching experience for a night out of Patong.

Open : Daily start from 15:00 – 02:00

Location : Bangla road, Patong

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2.Lad Yai หลาดใหญ่

The Sunday market, which is run in the evening to enjoy shopping and eating for souvenir, t-shirt, sea food, snack , drink , noodle, and fruit.

The view and atmosphere are very nice since the market is in old town Phuket which is many buildings are decorated in Shino – Portuguese.

Operate :  Sunday 16.00-22.30

Location :  Tanang Road, Phuket


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3.Lad Poi Kong , หลาดปล่อยของ

Lad is mean market in southern Thai language. Poi kong means release, which another meaning of sales goods and service. Therefore, you can find products such as food, hand craft and art work here.

Operate :  Wednesday- Friday 16.00-22.30

Location :  Limelight Avenue

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Night show, Phuket fantasea, Cabaret show

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Phuket Fantasea

The show is a narrating the legend of Kamala a story tail in a jungle mystical palace in Las Vegas style.  This is the Phuket islands’ biggest show production with trapeze artists, a cast of hundreds , elephants , and exotic animals. It is worth spending an evening at the show complex and witness the talent of human and animal plus amazing production of big theater which makes your night special.

Operate :  Fri-Wed : Show time  21.00-22.00 Open from 17:00

Location :  Kamal Beach , Phuket

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Simon Cabaret

An evening show that everyone can enjoy to see burlesque, comedy, carnival, Bollywood and pop theme.

Operate :  Fri-Wed : Show time  21.00-22.00 Open from 17:00

Location :  Kamal Beach , Phuket

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Siam Niramit Show Phuket

Stunning and lavish. Both words can describe the world-class Siam Niramit show featuring Thailand’s arts and cultural heritage. It’s a ‘must-see’ spectacular that you could enjoy this wild Phuket show displaying Thailand’s rich history and culture.

Operate :  Wed- Mon : Show time  20.30-21.50 Open from 17:30 Preshow : 19:20

Location :  55/81 Moo 5, Rassada Road, Muang, Phuket 83000, THAILAND

Tel : +66 7633 5001-2

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Night Bar and Party

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Illusion is the most famous pup in Bangla road, Patong ,Phuket. This pup gets in list the33th of The TOP 100 Clubs by DJ Mag. The pup’s space is big with 3 VIPs zone and standing area can accommodate over 5,000 guests. The full scale of high-tech entertainment with top of the line sound system, LED visual displays , and top-tier performers & aerialist.

The club regularly showcase in electronic music bandwagon by DJs such as Martin Garrix, Tiersto Dimintry Vegas & Like Mike, Mashmello, Afrojack , Steve Aoki for instance. They also features worldwide famous singers from the like of Wiz Khalifa, Jason Derulo , Ja Ruke, Tyga , Kid Ink, Booba , Super Duper Kyle and to name a few.

Operate : 21:00 – 02:00

Address : Bangla Road

Tel : 093-583-4766

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Catch Beach Club

Catch beach club is one of the most famous beach pup in Phuket, located on Bangtao beach. Bangtao beach is laguna which has many upscale resorts such as Dusit thani, Banyantree and Sheraton . The club s on beach front with big space for restaurant and open air bar.

Discover a year-round dance party housed under a blanket of stars. Sip spirits and groove to beats by international resident DJs. Turn up the heat and ignite the beach with themed parties, inspired events and world-renowned DJs.

Operate : Daily

Location : Bang tao beach 83110 , Phuket

Contact : Face book catchbeachclub

Tel : 065-348-2017

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Surf House Karon

This is a bar and restaurant which serve various kinds of beers, wine and cocktail along with Thai and western food.  The highlight here is not only food, but also a surf board that anyone can participate. Late evening with your family member and friends are fun to enjoy the time together.

Operate : Daily from 10.00- Mid night

Location : Pakbang Road, Kata Beach  beach 83110 , Phuket

Contact : Face book SurfHouseBoardriders

Tel : 081-979-7737

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The destination for wine lovers:

We would like to introduce several place that you can enjoy the selection of great wines, exotic, cocktails and chilled beer with a fine atmosphere for dinner with your friends as follows:

enVision Phuket

This is a center of premium wine. The wines span a broad range of prices, but share a common bond of excellence only.

Operate : Daily on 11 a .m. 10 p.m.

Location : Surin beach


The destination for Fine dining:

Impressive with fine dining in Phuket by the beach side or romantic cuisine with your friends or your family, please see below:

  • Siam Indigo Bar & Restaurant ( Phang Nga Rd ) Open daily on 11.30 a .m. 11 p.m.
  • Baba Sri panwa Open daily on 6 p.m. -11 p.m.
  • Baan Rim Pa Piano Bar Bar & Restaurant Open daily on 4 p.m.- 12 p.m.
  • watermark restaurant bar Open daily on 11 a .m. -11. p.m.
  • Black Cat Bar & Restaurant ( Srisoonthorn Road ) Open daily on 5 p.m. -12 p.m.
  • 360 Bar and Dining Open daily on 5 p.m. -12 p.m.

It does fairly well for a night out. Exotic cocktails, chilled beer and fine wines with great food in sea or beach view are always better in Phuket. A great atmosphere of pub and restaurant in Phuket night have been inviting you. Let’s relax with your friends and enjoy a selection of good wines, and more.


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Things to do

Where to go and what to see in each destination

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Phuket  attractions

Besides relaxing on the nice beach of Phuket, What to do in Phuket, where to stay and amazing attractions beyond Patong Beach, Kata Beach or old city.

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phuket fantasea

Phuket Fantasea Show and Dinner , Amazing show in Phuket

฿ 1,650.00 – ฿ 4,000.00