Getting to Bangkok – By Flights/Cruise/Train/Bus/Car

Getting to Bangkok and connect to other Southeast Asia Destinations

Getting to Bangkok is very easy and various modes of transport to connect with Bangkok. If you look from map of Southeast Asia, Bangkok is almost located almost in the middle of this area. Bangkok is a hub of Southeast Asia by location. That’s why LJ Biz is situated here.

Anyway, many visitors may notice that you can fly to Bangkok and connect to other destination easily and various modes of transportation are valid for you.

LJ Biz rewrites this article in August 2017 , that there are more and more way to get to Bangkok . Let’s check and find which way suite you the best.

  • Flights to Bangkok
  • Cruise to Bangkok
  • Train to Bangkok
  • Train to other destination of Thailand
  • Luxury train
  • Bus to Bangkok
  • Bus ride to Cambodia
  • Bus to other destination of Thailand or bus terminal information
  • Car Rentals to Bangkok & Drive a car to Bangkok

Flights to Bangkok

All of the major airlines around the world provide flights to Bangkok. You can check it out for the flight, fly from your destination.

Check low cost airline for connecting flight Bangkok. Reserve the ticket in advance so you can get a good rate. But be careful with the terms and conditions of the ticket, such as load luggage and flexibility of flight.

Read more for tips about flights to Bangkok.


Cruise to Bangkok

Travel by luxury cruise can stop various ports of call in southeast Asia. Singapore, Phuket, Samui, Ho Chi Min city, Hanoi, Sihanok vile and Kuala Lumpur are major cities that cruise line stop by. The senior travelers are a big fan of cruise service. Some of them chose to stop at Bangkok and continue to the next destination by land or flight or just a short stop over for a couple days before continuing to next destination.

Cruise Travel

Travel by cruise to Bangkok , How many cruise line , check it out.

What can you do during short stay when travelling with cruise line.

Train to Bangkok

The train line is connected from the Chiang mai to Bangkok and all the way south of Thailand and connect to Butterworth in Malaysia.

The Thailand train service is divided into 4 major lines between the North, Northeast, East and Southern Thailand. This makes it convenient to connect Thailand neighbor country such as Laos, , Malaysia and Cambodia. But Myanmar seems to smooth connect.
train in Thailand

Travel by train could be super save for your money since you can travel at night time to save the cost of lodgings or travel at day time it is also very nice to see scenic along the way.

In 2017 , LJ Biz does follow the news that brand new train are serviced on the route to Chiang mai and Ubon Ratchathani. And in 3-5 years from now, high speed train may ready to service which will make travelling around the country more easy.

train River Kwai

LUXURY TRIAN TRAVEL is also valid from Singapore to Bangkok and perhaps continue to Chiang mai.

Check for idea of program to travel by train in Thailand

Bus to Bangkok

Thailand provides bus service to every city in Thailand, with the major bus terminals located in Bangkok. These terminals are divided into, the private owner and the government owned busses. If you are a first time visitor to Bangkok and need to use the busses to reach your destination it can be a little daunting as there are many companies to choose from, through our services will ensure you are on the most suitable bus for your trip.

Bus terminal

Bus ride to Cambodia

Travel by bus to Cambodia . There are tourist bus service offers trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap one time a day. Pick up time is around 08.00 and arrive around 16.00 hrs by estimate. Bangkok to Border is around 250 kms, take 3.5 hours ride by private car. Once arrive border it takes around 1-2 hours to pass all Thai and Cambodia custom check process and then 150 kms to go to Siam reap which take around 2 hours. It seems like a long distance and time consumer. If considering with the budget, which is 1/5 time of travel by flight. You can also consider taking a local van from victory monument and rent a private car to Siem reap which will more expensive but less number of travelers.

Bus Local

Bus to other destinations of Thailand

Travel by bus to other destinations such as Phuket, Samui or close by cities are also available daily. A ticket can buy in, travel date at counter. But to avoid seat fully book,999 Bus service allows 1 month pre-paid ticket. Travel agent in Bangkok can help you with this. But bare in mind that sleeping bus with 24 VIP seats is the best, otherwise it is too small rooms for westerner. If you can

Read more about bus terminal and etc

Car Rentals to Bangkok

Renting a car to Bangkok is another option, if you are not familiar with the rules of the road then we would suggest you to hire a chauffeur or use one of the other means of transportation. If you are familiar with driving in Bangkok and feel confident in your knowledge of the city, then renting a car may be your most suitable option.

You may rent a car from other destinations and drive to Bangkok. This service is valid for international brand car rental service providers, such as Hurt, Budget , Alamo, AVIS for instance.

Car Toyotha

Now a day, google map is very efficient. Sure, it can help you to reach to Bangkok or hotel that you want to stay.

Drive a car to Bangkok

In 2017, LJ Biz starts to work with a new tour agent. These customers will arrive at the border and drive their own car to Thailand and Bangkok. Some of them have Big Bikes and some have car.

Sound fun, right.

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