Bkk airport : Suvarnabhumi 

New Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi, was recently open on September 2006. The airport located 25 kms way from the East of Bangkok. It will take about 40 minutes to an hour to travel to the city. Suvarnabhumi Airport is considered the world’s second largest single building in the airport and was built to replace the old Don Muang International Airport which was the fourth busiest airport for passenger traffic in Asia in 2005

Bkk airport : Immigration 

All passengers depart Thailand must have their passports checked by an Immigration Officer. Besides one’s passport, boarding pass and completed immigration card No.6 Check detail for visa issue.

Arrival hall

Bangkok airport : Arrivals  

After pass the custom check process, all passengers will get to arrival section. Arrival section is located on the 2nd floor of Passenger building. There are 3 major arrival gates which is A, B and C.Gate A : Domestic Arrival flight Gate B and C : International Arrival flight

Meeting point at arrival section 

There are restaurants and meeting point on the 2nd and 3th floor of passenger building. However, the most common way to see one another is in front of arrival gate which can be checked from airport broadcast. However, in front of arrival gate has limited area and very busy with big crown, it may cause some time to find each other. To avoid the crown, you can change a meeting point to the seating area close to the building gate. There are big meeting area between building gate of 6 and 7.

travel agent or hotel, can find transfer guide or hotel staff by looking for a person with the sign shows your name, hotel, or tour company name on it. Those people will wait for you in front of arrival gate, unless they inform differently. If can not find the person who suppose to pick you up, you shall go to ATTA counter, information desk between building gate 6 and 7, or call travel agent. ATTA staff will help you to find the..

What is in the arrival floor? 

There are many services on the second floor such as bank kiosk, hotel association, ATTA, cell phone rental service. We highly recommend you exchange and get some Thai baht for small expense might occur during traveling to hotel. To get to the city There are airport limousine services at arrival gate, taxi meter service on the first floor, bus service which you need to transfer with shuttle bus to bus terminal and take bus line to 551 which will take you direct to victory monument and direct bus line to city at entrance building gate no 8 which separate to many street line such as Sukhumvit road, Pratunam, or Koa san Road.

Money exchange

Bangkok airport : Departures

Departures section located on the forth floor of the passenger building. There are check in counters running by alphabet from A – W. It is 10 departure entrance gates. For save your energy, you shall check the entrance gate of you airline, before get off from vehicle which bring you to the airport.
Entrance 1 TG (International departure) Royal departure, Royal first, Royal Silk Entrance 2 TG (Domestic departure), DD, AX, OX,9Q, TR Entrance 3 LH, LX, OS, GF, GA, VV, PG, FT Entrance 4 TG, SK, NH, UA, OZ, VN, LTU Entrance 5 KE, SQ,8M, KQ, T5, UN, PMT Entrance 6 CX, QF, BA, AF, KL, SU, AI Entrance 7 QR, EY, KU, MS, KE,4L Entrance 8 JL, BR, B7, CI, KA, AY, RJ, NX, MA Entrance 9 EK, TK, BI, UL, RA, ET, PR, S7 Entrance 10 MU, CZ, IC, BG, KB, HY, LY
Airport tax : Before you departure, you need to prepare 700 Baht for airport tax. However, any ticket which issue after Febuary 1,2007, airport tax is included in ticket fee.
Departure fee couter

Warning :

According to, Bangkok Airport building layout is very long. There are also many shops to get your attention. It is always good to bare in mind for your boarding time.
Other Airport facilities Tourist police : Assist all about tourist matter Weight of luggage : many airlines allow passenger loaded 1-2 luggage onboard during the checking in process. Domestic & Asia International flight : 1 luggage = weigh less than 20 Kgs./luggage International flight to USA & Europe,2 luggage = weigh less than 32 Kgs./luggage Left Baggage Service : Located on 2nd floor between entrance gate 3 and 4. Providing 24 hours service for left luggage not over than 6 months. The cost of left luggage is about 50 baht per day (approximate 1.3 US$) Tax Refund : located on the 4th floor. You need to prepare you documents which consist of tax receive, and passport. Then, fill out tax refund form and you will receive money once you get thrugh custom check point. Liquid regulation : Airport security check do not allow passenger bring carry on luggage with liquid container more than 1,000 ml. One liquid container with more than 100 ml. does not allow. Liquid container means gale, form, alcohol, beverage and water.