Guide for getting from Bangkok to Hua hin


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Easy travel from BKK to Hua Hin

Hua Hin is about a 3 hours drive from Bangkok, you may also elect to travel to Hua Hin by car, bus, train or air plane. Along the way, there are many summer palaces where the former and present king lives, which today they serve as relaxing destinations for the royal family, hi-society, and royal officers. Let see what is suite for your traveling plan.

  • Airplane ** schedule, no longer in service except private charter
  • Private Car
  • Train
  • Public bus
  • Van
  • Joint tourist bus

Getting to Hua Hin by Airplan

There is an airport in Hua Hin, however flights operated by Nok air are only available to and from Bangkok. It take just 40 minute to get there. It is great if your have connect flight which you can go streath to Hua Hin.

Getting to Hua Hin by Roads:

Hua Hin is linked by highway to Petchburi and the rest of Prachuap Khiri Khan province. It is convenience to drive from Bangkok to Hua hin which will take about 3 hours be estimate. The quicker you get though the congested traffic of Bangkok, the sooner you will reach to Hua hin. You can take private car to reach to Hua hin at very convenience. It is also possible to pay extra and add up some stop along the way such as Koh Wang.

Getting to Hua Hin by train : 

Hua Hin is part of the Southern rail route originating in Bangkok. It will take about 3.5-4 hours since the train has many stop along the way. However, it is fun to take train ride especially the regular local train since it is very lively to the Thai merchant selling all food and snack during the stop at the station. And also you will have a chance to visit the historic railway station at Hua hin.    

Getting to Hua Hin by Bus : 

There are buses from Bangkok going directly to Hua Hinand others which pass through Hua Hin to go to other destinations in further south route. The bus operate very often depart from Bangkok to the  Hua hin. It is also the most economical way by taking a bus    


There are joined air-conditioned vans from Bangkok to down town Hua Hin. They leave every 30-40 mins. There are about 12-15 seats on a van.    

Joint tourist Bus/Van : 

It is operate by company which is has pick up service at hotel. This service is more expensive than public but stress free. It is good if you are in Bangkok hotel. Due to they have specific departure time. Some company also provide continue service to other destination such as Koh Toa, Samui, and Koh Nang yuan for instance.