Hua-Hin Top Attractions , things to do to enjoy not only Sea, Sand ,Sun

Khao Takeab , Hua hin
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Hua Hin attractions and around its area, full of choices which you can spend your time the way you like. Read more information on.

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What is there to do in Hua Hin?

Summary of Hua hin attractions and close by city

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Beach & Sea Sport

  • Riding on a horse along Hua Hin Beach
  • Suan Sonpadipat , quiet beach belong to the military base
  • Snorkeling at Talu island
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Temple & Palace , cultural site

  • Hau Hin Rail way station, A historical train station serve for a royal visit in the old day
  • Mrigadayavan Palace (พระราชวังมฟคทายวัน) , palace along the beach
  • Visit seated famous Buddhist monk statue at Wat Huay Mongkon
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Market, Community & Recreation

  • Hua Hin night market . Explore Hua hin at night, shopping, drink and eating local food.
  • The Cicada Market , evening market open on the weekend with live activities such as dance club, movie, and story teller club
  • Chatchai market, old market for shopping dry seafood product
  • Baan Sinlapin Hua hin, art community where you can observe gallery  , shop and drink here
  • Tamarind Market , the market that visitor can find good food at reasonable price and sales local products which is neck to Cicada market
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Top sightseeing for taking picture and view point

  • Top view from Khao Takiab temple
  • Plearnwan , a private community gate for café and restaurant
  • Seen spas in Hua Hin
  • Uttaya ratchapak
  • Hin Leak fai view point , you can see the city view all the way to the town
  • For art Sake, 3D picture studio
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Museum, Art and learning culture

  • Air space Hia Hin, a café and a restaurant that has pictures and objects that tell the story of Hai hin in the old day
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National Park, Waterfall, Hot spring , Natural

  • Palau waterfall
  • Khao Sam roi yot , limestone hill national park
  • Trekking and hiking at Kaeng krachan national park
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Food & Gourmet

  • Eating local seafood at Baan Issara (Beach front restaurant ) , Platoo restaurant  (beach restaurant ) , Sangwien seafood
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Things to do with family , Amusement Park , Theme Park, Animal

  • Vana Nava , water jungle
  • The Venezia Hia hin , theme park copy concept of Vanish town
  • Visiting and feeding monkey at Khao Takiab
  • Feeing the sheep at the sweet sheep farm
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Farm Activities

  • Monson Valley , wine yard, which grows the grape for tropical climate
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Health, Relaxing , Body & Mind

  • Foot Massage at Boat Hut wellness
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Sightseeing along the between Hua Hin and Bangkok

  • Visit Damnoen Saduak floating market (morning till mid day)
  • Visit Amphawa floating market (Evening)
  • Stop at train market (train run 8 times a day)
  • Fisher man village
  • Khao wang , royal palace on the top of mountain
  • Nava Vana , water park
  • Santorini , water park
  • Venezia, theme park
  • Sweet sheep farm, them parks
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Outside city

  • Phraya Nakhon cave (ถ้าพระยานคร)  Royal pavilion inside the cave (1 hours away from Hua hin)
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• Beach & View Point
• Temple, Believe & Spiritual
• Palace& Historical Place
• Cool Places to Visit
• National Park & Waterfall

Hua-Hin Attractions:

Beach & View Point

HAAD HUA-HIN (หาดหัวหิน)

This beach is crowded with people on holidays so if you want to spend a relax day with less people we would recommend coming on weekdays. It has a fine beach, the water is not too deep so it’s safe to swim but beware of big rocks and sharp seashells. Don’t want to swim? No worries, you can walk along the beach and enjoy the breezy wind or even watch the beautiful sunset.

SUAN SON PRADIPHAT BEACH (หาดสวนสนประดิพัทธ์)

This is another popular beach among Thai people and foreigner. It’s a peaceful location which is owned by the Army Welfare Office. It has hotels and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view while eating; also look for jet skis, banana boats, and horseback riding activities.

KHAO TAKIAP (เขาตะเกียบ)

There’s a beach behind the hill of “Khao Takiab” is a great place to spend your day watching scenic views looking out over Hua Hin and the Gulf of Thailand. Also you’ll see the 19 metre high standing Buddha (Phra Prang Haan Yad) which looks out onto the sea.

KHAO HIN LHEK FAI (เขาหินเหล็กไฟ)

Khao Hin Lek Fai or Flint Mountain is 162 meters high. On the mountaintop, there is a public park and scenic spots you can enjoy a panoramic view of Hua Hin, the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course and the Gulf of Thailand.

KHAO TAO (เขาเต่า)

It’s a small village which is famous for its lovely bay and the beach at Haad Sai Noi. Khao Tao also has a nice temple with many Buddha statues, caves, shrines and fisherman village.

Temple, Believe & Spiritual

WAT HUAY MONGKOL (วัดห้วยมงคล)

Was home to the most popular monk “Luang Phor Thuat” was famed for his ‘miracles’. Commissioned by the Queen of Thailand, Wat Huay Mongkol houses the largest statue of Luang Phor Thuat in Thailand in a park-like setting.

SPIRIT HOUSES OF BRASSIERE BEACH (ศาลเจ้าแม่นมสาว , เกาะนมสาว)

According to the legend, built to appease the spirit of a fisherman’s daughter who was once torn to pieces by her father and he throws her breasts into the sea. She was killed because she was desired by too many men. Until this day, the locals still hang brassieres to the spirit houses and pray for good luck.

Palace & Historical Place

PHRAYA NAKHON CAVE (ถ้ำพระยานคร)

The most amazing and mysterious cave in Thailand. King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) visited here in 1890 and to commemorate the royal visit, a pavilion was constructed known in Thai as ‘Khuha Karuehat’, was then transported inside the cave in 1896. It takes a lot of efforts for you to get in the cave but once you’re there, the reward that you get will be worth it.

HUA-HIN RAIL WAY STATION (สถานีรถไฟหัวหิน)

This is one of the oldest train station in Thailand and the main purpose is to be “The Royal Waiting Room” that used to welcome the King and his court when they were visiting the town. It is claiming to be Thailand’s most beautiful train station. The wooden building used to be a royal pavilion in Sanamchan Palace, Nakhon Pathom province. It was rebuilt at Hua Hin in 1968.


Phetchaburi’s most well-known landmark also known as “Khao Wang”. It is located near city center of Phetchaburi province on the top of Kriri mount, 95 meter high. On top of the mountain there’s a temple and palace which were built by the King Rama IV. The Palace and other building finished the construction in 1860. This is a great place to visit on the way to hua-hin beach.
Note: beware of naughty monkeys which live all over the mount they will try to steal your stuff.


The structure plan of the palace was designed by His Majesty King Rama VI in 1923 with vintage and classic Thai architecture. It is consist of a big hall for play and other 2 major building are all connected with 2-storied wooden pavilions. This Palace is located between Hua-Hin and Cha Am. Best time to visit is during weekend.

Cool Places to Visit

CICADA MARKET (ตลาดจักจั่น)

Cicada Market is an open-air night market. It has a variety of different delicious fresh food, arts, handmade stuff, live music show and so much more. Moreover, open eyes and open mind with creative activities, workshops and exhibitions such as performances, dance, music, fine arts from university, community theatre and various artists.
Open Time: Every Friday, Saturday from 4:00p.m. – 11:00 p.m. and Sunday 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

PLEARNWAN (เพลินวาน)

Plernwan is a place decorates in vintage style. It is a charming place with many corners you can take a picture with. From time to time, they have special event that you can enjoy like temple fare. In this event you can experience old fashion party or rare to find snacks, games and etc. It is a good place to visit in the evening but also crowded with Thai tourist. However, if you are going in weekdays, it is not too bad.
Open Time: Open every day from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.


HUA-HIN NIGHT MARKET (ตลาดโต้รุ่งหัวหิน)

A must visit place if you ever happen to be in Hua-Hin. Long walking street filled with fresh seafood in a good price cook by locals. Other shopping stalls can be found along the street or if you feel like drinking, there are some bar that you can sit and chill while listen to awesome music. Trust me, you won’t regret spending the night here!
Open Time: Open every day from 5:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

SEEN SPACE HUA-HIN (ซีนสเปซหัวหิน)

It’s the first beach front community mall, the concept of this mall is Eat, Lay, Play and Relax. It has various shops for you to choose and spend money on such as restaurant, unique design clothes, cool home decorations and etc. Every weekend there’s an event called “Seen Space Open Fest” it is like a little market filled with tasty food for you to grab and go and there’s a chill space for you to sit and listen to the wave of the ocean, watch the sunset while listening to acoustic live music.
Open Time: Mon-Thu from 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Fri-Sat from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

VANA NAVA HUA-HIN (วานา นาวาหัวหิน)

Feeling hot? Vana Nava Hua Hin is the Asia’s first Water Jungle located in Thailand. Combining state-of-the-art technology and modern facilities with 19 very exciting rides and slides from the world’s best innovator and supplier. If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do this is a must for you!
Open Time: Open every day from 10 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

National park & Waterfall

NAMTOK PA LA-U (น้ำตกป่าละอู)

This is 11-tier scenic waterfall, it is located within a yearlong verdant forest where various kinds of birds and butterflies are found, especially in the morning.

KHAO SAM ROI YOT (เขาสามร้อยยอด)

It means Mountains with 300 peaks, which describes the landscape of the park quite well. The limestone hills rise directly at the shore of the Gulf of Thailand, with the highest elevation Khao Krachom 605m above sea level.


is located on the eastern slope of the Tenasserim Mountain Range at the border of Burma (Myanmar). It occupies the western half of Phetchaburi Province northern of Hua Hin. The area, about 45 squares kilometers, consists of both ground and water in reservoir.

So much varieties for Hua Hin attractions and things to do in Hua hin,

There are a lot more activities for you to explore in Hua-Hin such as kite-boarding, elephant camping, Thai massage, cooking courses, water sports, pony-riding and etc. 🙂

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Hua Hin Day Tour

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