The cheapest way to call home when in Thailand

calling home
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Ways of communications and how to connect with people while you are in Thailand and Asia

“Connectivity is a basic human right”

Do you agree? This article we are going to talk about the way to connect back to your friends and family when you are on the trip.

Internet : Ways of communications

Communicating to your home is most easily done through internet services these days. Most high-end hotels in Thailand provide internet access services either at the convenience of your own room or at the hotel business center where other office facilities are located.

In addition, Airport, park , shopping mall, coffee shop and even some of public bus is allow you to access the WIFI.

10 years ago, internet service may be charged by the hotel. Lucky enough today is free of charge. In addition, visitors have high demanding to get fast speed service.

Telephone Communications in Thailand

In the old day, calling back to your home is probably the only choice. So if you do not have roaming service, you could use a phone in hotels or friends home. To avoid unexpected charges, it is better to make enquiries at the hotel reception before calling or you can buy a SIM card and use a local mobile phone number connecting people in your home.

Guide Calling homeTo make an international phone call from Thailand you dial 001 (or 009 , 006 , 003 which depend on service provider)+ Country Code+ City Code + Number. For example, you call home, in America number 555 555 4325. You press 001 1 555 555 4325 or +1555 555 4325

Call to Thailand

To call in from abroad, you can dial the call out code for that country such as 011 or 011+Country Code (66)+City Code+ Number. Normally, you will not dial 0 in front of the City Code. For example, if you want to call 02 123 4567 from America, you dial 0016621234567 or +6621234567

Local calls in Thailand

Calling within Thailand you dial zero in front of the City Code,

dial city code with 0 in front +number , example,

calling Chiangmai 053 122 3333,


call Bangkok is 02 616 6007.

Recommended Telephone Service provider

Everyone has a mobile phone. You could buy a SIM card at the airport right arrival hall at the airport. There are three big telephone service provider. It is consists of DTAC, AIS and True.

We highly recommend AIS if you travel around the country since the phone connection is better than the other.

You can get a temporary SIM card which valid for 1 -7 days. It is highly to use more internet package than a phone call. You can use communication aps or social media aps to connect to your friends and family member. Check out what each service provide has to offer.

Ways of communications that Thai people often use


Line is a Japanese mobile application which is very famous in Thailand . Most people who have smart phone will have it in their machine.

A lot of good things in line such as you could send a message and sticker or various kinds of emoji . You could create a group chat , video call or talk to line official business account. Well , you may think this is sound like everyone could do it . Yes , it is but it is famous here . So you could use and stay in touch with the local people.


Thai people do not use Skype much . But we this is a good aps that you could make video calls or making a phone call via program which is a lot cheaper than a phone call. There are also instant message, voice call, and group talk too.

Google Voice

This is a google service that helps to forward and voice messaging services. You could forward phone, but allow you to answer from your computer. There are so many features in google voice such as Unlimited free calls and SMS within the U.S. and Canada, up to three hours in individual length, low rate of international call start with 0.01 USD/ minute, answering the incoming calls on any configured phone for instance.


Instant message on Facebook chat is allow you to stay connected with friend and family. You could also update your information while you had a happy time in sightseeing or destination


Whats App

Many people use Whats App since it is very easy to use and quick to connect with friend and family. Many Thai people do not use this much, but some travel agent and tour guide use it. So you could stay in touch with them.


Viber is another famous communication mobile aps among the Asian people. They have emoji, sticker and very easy to use too.viber s

Google Hangout

If you have google+ account you would be able to use google Hangouts too. But the connect is not good as Skype due to more bandwidth require so it is good when you are in the good connection area.

We Chat

The messaging, voice & video call app which is use for over 900 million people. Main users are from China.

So now you know communication apps and what to do and prepare for over communication trip. Start to download communication apps before travel so you get used to it and will definitely have fun when you can share the stories with friends and family.

So what about you, what communication apps you like and what experience do you have about connecting back to your friends and family ?

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