Do and Don’t in Thailand – What you can do/What you must not do

Do and Don’t in Thailand

When you’re in a different country, of course there will be different cultures, lifestyle and much more. Today we will bring you to learn some of Do and Don’t in Thailand so that you’ll know what you can or what you must not do when you come here!


“About Don’t” : Do and Don’t in Thailand

1. Dress inappropriately when visiting the temple because for Thai people, the temple is the sacred place that you must be polite and respectful.

2. Do not shout or raise your voice because it is a sign of disrespect in Thailand, just try to be calm and speak softly.

3. Women must not stand next to the monk; touch the monk or their yellow robes because it’s forbidden by religious rules.

4. Graffiti is not allowed when you visit some place either the temples, public places or other attractions.

5. Express negative opinions about the King or any member of the Royal Family. Thai people have the most respect for the Thai monarchy.

6. Put your feet on the table, point your feet at someone or something it is very disrespectful because Thai people think that feet are the lowest part of the body and it’s dirty.

7. Do not touch Thai person’s head (especially with someone who’s older than you) unless you’re very close to them. Since feet are considered the lowest and dirtiest parts of the body, the head is revered as the most sacred.

8. Anything beyond holding hands like, hugging and kissing in public place is very inappropriate in Thai society.

9.Drugs in Thailand : Smuggling drugs are a crime punishable with sentences up to life imprisonment and in some cases even death. The reality is, however, many western countries are able to lighten the sentence by making diplomatic arrangements with the Thai government. Usually the agreement worked out is that the guilty party remain under Thai custody for a period of time typically no more than ten years, and normally no less than five years, before being transferred to detention within his or her own country. The guilty party will then spend additional time imprisoned according to the home country’s own laws.

10. There are many ancient objects and places in Thailand. Please do not touch, destroy them or enter the sites without permission.

sawasdee Take off your shoes raise your voice

“About Do” : Do and Don’t in Thailand

1. Dress appropriates when visiting the temples or religious place.

2. Respect the religious places keep calm, don’t make loud noise or running around and be polite.

3. Speak softly with a smile on your face and don’t forget to say “ Sawasdee” which means hello in Thai to show your friendliness and that you wanted to have a conversation with them.

4. Stand up every time you hear the national anthem that always played at 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. every day to show your respect.

5. Always ask for permission before you take a picture of someone or something.

6. Please remember to take off your shoes before entering someone’s home or some place because as we said feet are the lowest and dirtiest part of the body for Thai people.

7. Always use right hand to pass objects to Thai people because the left hand is considered dirty, as it is sometimes used for “toilet functions”

8. Speak softly, no rude words, don’t shout or make loud noise and stay calm whenever you’re in religious locations.

9. Always return “Wai’ back. Wai is a way of greeting showing respect by putting your palms together and bow a little bit. You usually do it when you say “Sawasdee”, “Khob Khun” or “Kor tod”.

10. The last thing that we want to suggest you is to learn the Thai culture and find more information about Thailand before you visit.