Tipping in Thailand – If they provide excellent service to you

Tipping in Thailand

When traveling abroad it’s always difficult to understand the tipping culture in that country. Tipping in Thailand is no different. When should you tip in Thailand . Most established restaurants throughout Bangkok and Thailand in general add 10% service charges,are you Tipping in Thailand enough?
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Tour is a service that people provide service is expecting tipping for return. If you have fun, learning something new, feel the hospitality the tour guide provide, the best way to say thank you or your appreciation is tipping.  The guideline is different from a kind of tour you buy and hotel that you stay that they have different expectations.

  1. If you buy a high end tour and you stay at the Oriental hotel.  Sure enough, tour guide and driver expect more than standard.
  2. If you come with group tour from Asia. They might suggest you tipping per date per person which you need to follow.
  3. If you buy join the tour, you could pay them as standard for recommendation
  4. Provide tipping less than 100 Thai Baht per group is very little, we do not recommend unless you travel with a big group such as grand pearl cruise trip
  5. If you are not happy with service, do not tip. But I think as I am in tour business, I myself would appreciate more if customer comes to tell why they do not happy and give guideline how can I approve my service. Think of this as if it be yourself, you would prefer to hear it as well right.

Standard service: suggested tipping for general tour

  • Half day tour = 200-500 baht
  • Full day tour = 400-1000 baht



For high end bar such as in sky bar, tip was added up in the service charge. Then you do not need to tip for.  General bar guideline, if you use the service person long hours, chat with them a couple hours, you can give them tip for 50-200 thb. If you drink and move to the next place around the bar, you may give them 20-50 baht on the first dink.



Taxi in Thailand is very cheap. If you use taxi meter, it is very cheap which starts from just 1 USD. Make sure they use the meter or agree the price before jump into the cab. Some people leave them a change. But I prefer give extra for more for about 1-2 USD , if I use taxi meter.

If the taxi meter sets charge fee amount, I will not tipping them. This is what I recommend since the fee is about 1 time  higher than travel by meter.


bangkokCity taxi


Imagine someone work on your body for 60-120 minutes non-stop. Would you do that for another ? Haha , it is a hard job right. They also need to learn to get a license. I would recommend to give 20 % or 100 thb / hour service.  If you use five star hotel of massage and spa service , you may consider top up 1-5 time more than standard that I recommend.

For standard service : SUGGESTED TIP

  • 150 baht massage = 100-200 baht tip
  • 300 baht massage = 100-300 baht tip


The bell boys will help with your bag, so typically tipping will be 20 baht/50 baht/ 100 baht or around .50 cent or 1 USD / bags. Sure enough , there are no rules for tipping the bell boys, if they don’t leave the room that means they are waiting for something.


  • 1 bag= 50 baht
  • several bags= 100-200 baht


Local people do not give tips for street food. But it does not mean they do not like the money. I recommend leaving for excellent service person that you like . So they are encouraging to continue doing a good job.

SUGGESTED TIP: NONE  “even they do not expect tipping but they do not make much money, if they get an extra money they will highly appreciate” 


Thailand in general add 10-15 % service charges

SUGGESTED TIP: You can also give more in a tip box for 20-100 baht


Thailand in general add 10-15 % service charges. Eating at a fancier restaurant and the bill is higher.If you had a not so good waiter would you tip? Yes, you probably would just tip less. If you had an amazing server you’d tip a little extra. And if you had a terrible server and dining experience you probably wouldn’t tip. The same goes when tipping in every countries at restaurants.

SUGGESTED TIP: You can also give more in a tip box for 100-300 baht


No need to tip at fast food restaurants or coffee shops like KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Tom Tom’s, etc. If a server doesn’t come to your table no need to leave a tip.