Packing bags for travel – Guidelines on packing to Thailand


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Travel Tips

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Packing bags for travel

Guidelines on Packing bags for travel to Bangkok, Thailand

Packing for vacation for a trip to a destination for the first time always presents challenges. Deeming what you needand don’t need is always a complicated aspect of traveling. Below you will find useful vacation and travel packing tips that will help you make a concise holiday check list of what to bring and what to leave at home. These travel packing tips are designed to help make your planning process as stress-free as possible. However, put your heart to rest and remember when packing for vacation in Thailand, almost anything you forget to bring can be purchased in Bangkok.


Climate & Packing for vacation

Only pack light clothing: thick jackets or jumpers are not recommended, even in winter months when the temperature ranges between 20-25 degree Celsius. You only need a thin jacket when you are traveling from your home to the airport, in the airport, on the plane or in a coach. It is advisable to bring a light jacket to other places where air conditioners may be used in access such as indoor shopping complexes or movie theaters.

Individuals with an Asian or petite physique will have a wide array of clothing to choose from when shopping. But, don’t worry, many vendors also carry larger sizes to accommodate the average western build.Packing for vacation Either way, keep your luggage light and keep plenty of space, as you will definitely buy a lot on your return. Serious shoppers are advised to either bring spare luggage or purchase new bags here for relatively cheap prices.

Other essentials include a swimming suit, insect repellent, electric adapter, hat, handy umbrella, flip-flops, sunscreen and personal medicine. Of cause, You can find those products in Thailand, prior preparation of these items will save you time.


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Note for electronic appliances 

If you lose your electronic adapter or have any other electric needs for your laptop, digital camera or other, the one-stop shopping area known as Pantip Plaza is the best bet. Pantip Plaza is located relatively close to the Ratchathewi stop off the sky train.

electric plug

Food and health & Packing for vacation
Personal medicine

Although Thailand is a modern country and has so many hospitals with international standards, if you have personal health problems, it is recommended that you bring along your own medicines. This is to save the time of having to go to hospital. If you are sick, have problems or are on a special diet, please inform your travel agent so that they can prepare medicines or the appropriate food for you. Please note that antibiotics such as Pen V or medicine such as Aspirin can be purchased at the drug stores without Medical Prescription. In the event that you do need to visit a hospital while in Bangkok, recommended choices include Bumrungrad Hospital or Bangkok Christian Hospital. These hospitals can also service all your dental needs. Of the two hospitals, you will find the prices of Bangkok Christian substantially lower, but the facilities of Bumrungrad surpass even most American hospitals at prices that are probably still much cheaper than you are used to at home.

If your diet or appetite does not favor Asian food, please bring along your own snacks when you travel outside of major cities. Products such as western cereals and granola bars are available at most supermarkets such as Tops and Villa, but are typically at exorbitant import rates.

Security & Packing for vacation

If you travel with family and small children, please bring current photos of them. Another helpful travel tip for security measures is to email yourself vital information before you travel. Mail your free-email account a copy of all the important information – airline numbers, credit card, phone numbers, passport and driving license numbers. That way, if your documents and/or wallet are lost or stolen, all you need to do is log on to access all your details.

General packing tips

A handy way to find your luggage on the carousel is to tie a bright colored ribbon on the handles of the bags. If everyone in the family has the same suitcases, you can all have your own color. This also makes it much easier at hotels.