Best thailand tours – A Guideline for select and buy

Do you need a Best Thailand tours ?

Whether you plan to travel here on your own or buy a tour package from an expert travel agent or tour operator, you will end up booking an additional tour since some of the places are out of the way or you are limited by time. Therefore, before we go any further, let us explain the nature of tour services that travel agents and tour operators offer first.
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We will separate the information into two easy categories: package tour and custom tour.

There is a best tour in package tour and custom tour. See advantage and dis advantage…
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Tour Package

Normally, a package tour service consists of accommodation, air ticket, sightseeing tour, and meals. The package could be full board or partial board. 

Full board packages 

include everything except personal expenses. Tour price is relative reasonable price because everything is all about sharing because of the large group. A group tour can be the most cost effective. However, tour schedule is too tight, inflexible and you may be tired even before your holiday ends. Also, a large traveling group may cause sometimes uncomfortable travel companions.

Partial board 

could include an air ticket, accommodation, transfer service, and some sightseeing. Anything beyond that is an extra service or optional and will be subject to additional charges or fees. It is flexible with leisure time and food selections either health constraints or taste bud preferences. Meanwhile, tour prices are generally more expensive than full board. Tour operation may push to sell and optional tour that might be too expensive and low quality.

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Custom Tour

A custom tour is a tour to serve the specific needs of the clients while a package tour cannot. The tour provides basic needs such as full board or partial board in the same manner as a package tour. However, the clients will have a better chance to participate in developing the trip’s program ahead of time. Clients will get expert advice before making a decision.

The custom tour is designed to accommodate the special needs and desires of you, the client. However, tour price is relatively higher cost than other similar level of services. There are two other terms in the tour industry that I want to introduce.

The two terms are “Join tour” and “Private tour”. Before buying a sightseeing tour, make sure to clarify which type of tour you are purchasing: private or join tour. Join tour is a tour that you join with other people.

The customers are systematically picked up from their hotels before the tour begins. That means you lose time traveling. Usually the tour guide directing a join tour is less qualified than those leading a private tour. Therefore, selection of tour operator and guides are essential processes.

Choosing a best tour package from a reputable tour operator

Here are our recommendations of things to consider when choosing the type of tour and a tour company including recommendations for looking for your best tour: . Choose a reliable and creditable travel agent and tour operator. You can test by calling or email the agency.

The promptness of their responses will give you some indication of the type of service to expect. Although it doesn’t guarantee that they are good, it shows the promptness of their services. You can also check with government agency (TAT : Tourist Authority of Thailand) at this site to find out that are they registered to government agency.supportThe primary factor that can make or break your trip is the tour guide and best tour leader.You will be spending your vacation with this person, so it is important that they have to be pleasant, knowledgeable, and someone with whom you mesh. Therefore, try to ask about the quality of the guide.

Make sure that you know ahead of time what the company’s policy is regarding any dissatisfaction you may have with the tour guide or the trip. It is important to know what the company will do to remedy any problems possibly incurred- the fact of the matter is this is your vacation, don’t let it be spoiled by a terrible guide.

Tour operators or travel agents should know the details of the tour. If you have questions, they should reply quickly and clearly. Be aware, travel agents that do not operate by themselves may take a longer time to answer your query because they may have to contact other parties involved before they can answer you.

. Before you buy your best tour package you have to read the itinerary carefully and discuss anything that seems unclear with your travel agent- especially the terms and conditions of payment and cancellation.

Consider whether the price of the package seems right. This does not necessarily mean cheap, but the total cost of the package should be significantly less than if you were to purchase the individual components yourself. This is because individuals can rarely obtain the prices that tour operators are able to negotiate with suppliers for air, hotels, meals, and other travel services. Be aware of cheap tour services on the internet or by local travel agencies, beside the hotel when you arrive.

Normally, they sell cheap join tours of poor quality. . Check to make sure you know whether any extra miscellaneous charges such as airport taxes, gratuities, single supplement charges, taxes, etc., are included in the package price or whether you will have to foot the bill for them later. In the event you have to cancel your trip, ask about the applicable cancellation penalties or purchase suitable Trip insurance.

. Ask where your hotel is located. Your hotel may not be located for easy access to beaches,city centres, and public transport from your hotel to the venues you want to get to may be difficult to get to or non-existent. Also, determine whether the quality of the hotel meets your requirements.

. If you decide to buy a tour package, it is best to pay by credit card. 

. Make sure that you clarify what kind of tour service you bought, private or join tour.

. If you make last minute bookings or you do not book any tour at all, here is my recommendation: be careful of the tour service of counter at airport, taxi or tuk tuk drivers that try to operate the tour by themselves, or some hotel staff who try to sell tours to customers. There are many issues that you need to be concerned about.

For example,

they are not an authorized service by the tourist authority of Thailand, and thus are not allowed to operate the tour. If any problems arise, you will have no organization such as the Tourist Authority of Thailand to turn to for assistance. If, for instance, the individual takes your money and runs, you will be left high and dry and may never even see the alleged tour guide again.

Another concern is such shady operations as mentioned above will only provide a substandard if that experience. After traveling all the way to Thailand, it would be a shame to have only a partial understanding of the rich history, culture and localities purely because your guide was either lacking knowledge or lacking English skills proficient enough to convey the messages.

Guidelines above are just some valid factors that can help you select the best tour. However, one more importance factor to make you happy with best tour you selected is you. Preparation for your trip and enjoy your moment here can help your best tour even better.

For example, getting some exercise, drink a lot of water, travel with light hand bag, and mind open for culture differentiate can also help you best for your trip. Finally, I wish you find best tour and enjoy your trip.