Check in hotel procedure and tips when visit Southeast Asia

Hotel check in and Check out tips

Check in and check out hotel is very easy as the same as check for flight. But those who may not travel often, we have some tips to help your check in to hotel easy and smooth. First, know about different type of hotel which provide service in Southeast Asia, preparation, time for check in and request for more service from hotel staff.
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Know what type of hotel that you plan to stay when visit the Southeast Asia region

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Why this is matter? Different type of hotel has different service that provide to customers. So it is better to know who you deal with. Definitely, a big brand hotel will have more restriction, and regulation for check in and check out . It is better to know who do you deal with.

Start with Accor which is a big hotel chain to operate in different sub brand such as Pullman, Novotel and Ibis. Inter Continental. Meanwhile, Crowne Plaza runs with the IHG group. Best Western, Hyatt, Shangri-La, Renaissance, Meriden, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Sheraton, Pan Pacific, Hilton and numerous others also have a presence.

The high end local hotel chain are including  Centara, Dusit, Imperial, Amari, Anantara and Serenata which offer range of service rate.

Small and boutique hotel which is run by local, no chain support could be very stylish and nice.

Hotel in different category has different terms and conditions for check in / check out the guideline. That is why we introduce different hotel chain in the beginning of the article.


Things to do during checking in hotel

  1. Your passport and all visitors
  2. TM 5 form or ตม5 (Thai language) which is the form you fill out when come to Thailand and it will attach with your passport. However, those who visit different country will have a different paper.
  3. Credit card for deposit (1 Credit card/ room/ small group)
  4. Soft copy or hard copy of hotel voucher
Check in hotel procedure

It is very quick process, if you travel in a small group

  1. Meet reception and give them a voucher and all passports of visitors
  2. They will make copies of credit card and ask you to fill the form and sign your name.
  3. They will request your credit card or money to the credential
  4. Get a receipt from hotel staff if you deposit money
  5. Then visitor get the key to the room and breakfast coupon. Please make sure key card is in good condition.


1 The.big hotel chain may request to have an imprint of your credit card for guarantee, this copy will be destroyed during the check out process after the charges are settled.

2.Small hotel or guest house may just ask for deposit some cash. They just want to make sure that a visitor did not break anything.

Late Check out and early Check in , is it possible ?

It is recommended that late check outs should be requested prior the leaving date to avoid additional charges. Some hotels allow you for 2-3 hours extra stay of your check out time which is depends on occupancy rate. During high season hotel trend to be busy and not allow late check out.

4 star Hotel or less standard in Thailand, clients who travel or arrive early before check in time , you can tell the hotel about your flight detail. The hotel may allow you to get the room early if they are room available.

Check in and Check out time in general

Check in is about noon (day time) or 2.00 p.m.. The latest check out will be about 2.00 p.m., which depends on occupancy. Travelling during December, January and February are high occupancy period.

What if I do not want to pay for late check out?

If you leave the hotel late and you do not want to pay another night, it may not possible if you due with big chain or local high end hotel. You have the option of leaving your luggage at the concierge. Make sure that you keep the luggage store number when you return , you can take luggage back.

In case that your flight is late at night, this is activities that you can do swimming at a hotel, shopping, using massage or spa at hotel or join our sightseeing.

In case of late checkout, and you travel with a group tour. Tour agent may help to request a shower/changing room for guests to use (subject to availability).

Is it possible to do early check in?
  • Early check-in after 08:00 hours (8 a.m.) may be granted based on availability. (most of 5 star hotel are not allowed)
  • It is better to give hotel information and send a request, some hotel may let you do that.
  • If they do not let you in, What to do with luggage before hotel check it. This is very easy, just leave it at hotel bell boy / concierge.
What do you get after check in?
  1. Get the room key. Make sure it has not broken and function property.
  2. Breakfast coupon . But some hotel , they are no longer requesting a breakfast coupon any more.
Is it possible to access get in to hotel check in time late?

Lets say if your arrival flight is 1.00 a.m. and you wonder can you check in at that time.

Three to Five star hotel, you can check in 24/7.  This is a service from what you pay.

Guest house, small hotel and Airbnb , You must ask them first. I highly recommend to send your flight detail. 

Guideline for Thailand Hotels

What hotel in Thailand served for breakfast ?

Breakfast is normally included as a room with ABF. Make sure you know this and  double-check when you’re booking and confirm when you check in.

What time breakfast served and where to eat ?

Generally, breakfast serve at 07.00-10.00 a.m., Some visitors can manage this a branch since the luxury hotel often has various kinds of things to eat.

So far , I know only one hotel that served breakfast till 12.00 . That is Poto hotel in Phuket. It is a fantastic to be waking up late and do not need to pay for the meal which lunch and breakfast combine together.

Basic buffets are typical, with eggs, yogurt, fruit, bread, stir-fry rice or noodle dishes. High end hotels feature elaborate buffets, with salad , fruit carvings and a mind-boggling assortment of Thai and Western dishes.

Normally, the breakfast area is very near the lobby where guests check in.  

Hotel check in for pet policy  

 So far, we did not know which hotel allow pet stay . But if you want to bring one this is interesting things that you should consider and review the property before make a booking. 

  • Dogs and cats less than 20 kilograms are welcome and must not be left unattended in the room.
  • Advance booking for a pet-friendly room is required and based on availability for the desired dates, as we only have a limited amount of these rooms.
  • Guests requiring a pet-sitter, pet supplies or pet salon service, must contact the hotel staff with advance notice. We may attempt to arrange these services on your behalf during with proper notice.
  • Visitors are responsible for all property damages and personal injuries resulting from the pet.

If stay at airbnb or resident, what to do? And caution

  1. Prepare paper as hotel check in as regular recommendation
  2. Make sure you can access internet during travelling, so you could stay in touch with host if there are any trouble that may occur or missing meeting point and you could stay in touch with them.
  3. The breakfast, may not valid

Only about check out and check in, it’s quite a long article. I hope this is helpful and make your trip to South East Asia Smooth and fun.

If there are any things, that I have not mentioned and you would like to know. Please fill free to lets us know or comment below.