Transportation in Bangkok and get around

Bus travel around Bangkok
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Know Bangkok & Travel Around Bangkok

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Bangkok Metropolitan

Bangkok metropolitan is not a small. Many districts or area that people live and work . Silom, Sukhomvit, Khaosan, Riverside, and Siam are a famous area that tourist stay at hotel. Laodprao, Ramkhamheang, Ramintra, Bangkean, Anusawwaree, Bangsua, Taopoon, Bangplud, Laksi, Don Muang and Jaransan areas are residential of Bangkok.

The area of Bangkok is around 1,569 square kilometers only. 8.5 million people register as a resident of Bangkok. 10 percent of Bangkok land is roads and a small alley. Meanwhile, big city as Tokyo has 23 percent of the land as a road.

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Getting around Bangkok and instruction on your arrival

There are BTS, METRO and AIRPORT link are major public transport that you could get around the city. The price of it run from 20 THB up to 65 THB/ride which depend on the distance.

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Suvannaphume airport :

1.Go to top floor

Bangkok airport 4 floor2. Get out of the exit and go straight to get taxi. This level taxi would take you anywhere you want. And they are willing to use meter because it is better for them to go back with empty passenger.

3.If you go to normal line at the ground floor. You have to wait then pay 50 Baht fee plus got rip off by taxi to refuse to use meter. So it is better to deal with them carefully.

Bangkok airport 2 floor


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Don Muang Airport

1.Go out of the exit on top floor. And you could ask any taxi there for a meter price. Another tip to use grab taxi at the airport.

2.At the airport , you could get SIM card. We recommend AIS or True move. After you get Thai sim card. You could download the application Grab taxi. It’s the same as UBER(They just bought UBER South east Asia) Because if you want to use this app. They will send sms to your phone number to activate it or if number from your country could get text. You don’t need to buy Thai Simcard.

3.But at airport we are not sure whether, it may allow to get pick up by Grab or not. But you can use it to drop off at Airport. Hope all of our tips could help you ^__^ –

The best public transportation in Bangkok is sky train and subway. If you stay here shorter than one week. You should buy one way or whole day ticket. The whole day ticket is only for sky train. If you stay here long you could buy a top-up card which you could get the whole month ride for cheaper price. Some recommendation.

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Getting around Bangkok in rush hour

Every morning of a working day, Bangkok people are going to work, sent their kids to school, go to hospital, buy things at wholesale market and lots of reasons for getting around the city. Can you imagine how bad traffic is? For the rush hour in the morning, Bangkok is one of the worth traffic jams in the world.

Rush hour in the morning 06.45-09.00 : Traffic incoming to city

Rush hours in the evening start 17.00-20.00 : Traffic heading to residental area

The worst traffic jam : Long Holiday season, New year (January) Songkran (April) and

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Mode of Transportation of getting around Bangkok

Bangkok people know how to get around with the problem. Multi transportation is one of the answers for them. After this article, hope you know how to travel around as Bangkok people.

Let’s get started.

  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Tuk Tuk
  • Motor Cycle Taxi
  • Bus Boat
  • Taxi Boat
  • Train
  • Sky Train , Subway , and airport link
  • Private Car and Chuffer
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Travel around Bangkok by Bus

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Bangkok has many bus lines throughout the city and the suburban area. The buses are not run by a schedule. Most of the bus terminals will release one bus every 10,15,20 or 30 minutes. By the time the bus gets out of the station, travelers may have to wait longer than what is scheduled.

The delay is often because the traffic in Bangkok, which can be more busy sometimes than normal. However, traveling by bus is a very good way to get close to the locals. The journey will cost you less than 1$, depending on the kind of bus you are taking. Fares for air conditioned buses are usually much higher.

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Bangkok public transportation app

App can checking the location and distance of the bus away from your station


Bangkok Bus Map provide bus information of starting point to ended point.

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Blue bus with a/c cost start from 12 – 25 THB/person

Orange or green bus with no a/c start 7- 9 THB / person

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Travel around Bangkok by Taxi

Bangkok has metered taxis, which will cost you from 35 Baht as starting fare. The fare will increase with distance and time of travel.

There are many kinds of taxi colors. The green and yellow taxis are owned by private owners. We highly recommend this type of taxis, since they are cleaner due to better care of the owners.

Many times, taxis refuse to travel to certain areas because of heavy traffic. You might want to offer them extra money in case they think it is not worth wasting their time.

Mobiles such as GRAB TAXI , All Thai taxi , Line Taxi (Chat application) , Easy Taxi , Taxi OK (run by land transportation)

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Grab often offer a premium service which is more expensive than regular standard

All Thai taxi some time have wrong location

During rush hour it is hard to find a taxi. If your sightseeing plan is very tight or strict such as going to the airport during rush hour, it is better to be careful with this condition.

Notice : Please avoid those taxis that refuse to use the meter and charge you either cheaper or higher than the regular rate. Many such taxis hang around in front of hotels, and they are a scam. If you hire those taxis, you may end up going someplace you do not want to visit.   We also do not recommend you to travel up country by such taxis unless you are able to trust them completely. Since they are not tour operators, it will take time to track them in case something goes wrong.

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Travel around Bangkok by Tuk Tuk

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A Tuk Tuk is a three wheeler that uses the motor engine. You can find this vehicle all over the city. It is a unique vehicle of Bangkok. Many visitors intend to ride on this vehicle. The price of the ride needs to be negotiated before departure. This depends on the distance and traffic situation. Caution : Be careful of scam Tuk Tuk drivers who offer a free, cheap or expensive ride.

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Price start around 100 THB/ ride for around 10-20 Minute.

Calling Tuk tuk from main sightseeing may cost twice since tuk tuk is iconic of Thailand. The driver know that tourist can pay.

Hop on Hop off tuk tuke service is also valid in old city area  (start from 08.30-18.30) at 399.00  Check at

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Travel around Bangkok by Motorcycle Taxi

Please look out for motorcycle drivers wearing orange sleeveless jackets. They can be found mostly waiting at the beginning of an alley. Thai people commonly use this service for a short ride. And the price for the service must be negotiated before departure.

Price starts from 10-20 THB which depend on the area . It is could be up too 200-500 THB

Transportation app is also valid in Grab BIKE.


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Travel around Bangkok by Boat Bus

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Travel around Bangkok by taking a public boat ride along the Choa Praya River to enjoy the attractions close to the river or the old city of Bangkok. The boat bus service operates from 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. We do not recommend the use of this service at night time. The fee starts from 10-20 Baht. Travelers should travel light since you need to be quick to get in and out of the boat.

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  • Boat orange line : Fee 14 THB/person
  • Green line fee 13/20/32 THB /person
  • Yellow line : Fee 20 THB / person
  • Departure almost every 12-20 minute,

Express or hop on boat hop or tourist boat (only stop at the pier with main tourist attractions such as the grand Palace, Wat arun, Thonburi, Maharaj , Pakklong talad and Pharathit )

  • Day Time Pass  : service 09.00-17.30 at 200 THB/person (start at Satorn pier)
  • One Night River Pass : service 15.00-20.30  at 200 THB/person (star night sathorn pier)
  • All Day and night pass  : 09.00-20.30  at 300 THB/person
  • Single journey at 60  THB/person
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Travel around Bangkok by Boat Taxi

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Hiring long-tailed boats are another good way of getting around, especially into the small canals. The price needs to be negotiated before departure as well.

Check our canal tour for your convinces

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Getting around Bangkok by Sky Train (BTS)

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The sky train is similar to a subway. The only difference is that the train runs above the ground. Travelers will be able to enjoy the view of the city during the ride. The sky train stations are connected to a couple of Bangkok attractions, markets and shopping areas, such as Jim Thomson House, Suan Pakard Palace, JJ market (weekend market), Erawan museum (three head elephant) , Muang boran (ancient city) and shopping areas (Siam Square, MBK, Paragon, World Trade Center, Emporium , the Patpong night market)   .

This year sky train or BTS

Sky train fares range from 16 to 59 Baht. A day pass costs 100 Baht.

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Travel around Bangkok by Subway

You may take the subway to many areas of Bangkok as well. It is connected between the north, center and the west of Bangkok. There is just one line, and it passes through JJ market, Taladnad Rodfai (Train market) , and Hua Lam Pong train terminal. Prices are relatively close to sky train fares, but a bit higher.

In 2019 , The subway will extend pass Bangkok Chinatown and go close to the Grand palace, which can make it more convenient  to access the main sightseeing.

Price from 16-42 THB / person/ride

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Local Train

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Many people might not notice that Bangkok has a train.  Event, it is renounce a slow and delay transport service. But people who live in suburb area still using it. Most importantly, you can go to some other city such as Ayutthaya ,  Samothsakorn  and Chachengsao province by train.

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Travel around Bangkok and Thailand by Rented Cars

Driving a car in Bangkok city is possible. Now a day google map can help and make every turn easy. Bear in mind if you need to find parking spot which seems to create more problem than getting there.

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Travel around Bangkok and Thailand by Private Car and Chuffer

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This is the most convenient way of getting around Bangkok and the best value for your money. You can be served by an experienced driver who will drive carefully and wait till you finish your visit and then send you to your hotel.

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Due to traffic jams some and a small number of tourists, LJ Biz travel has a choice of day tour operate by local transport so called Adventure Tour, we including all highlights of Bangkok . If you want to keep program open, you can consider hiring a tour guide to escort your group for one day, which will save you time to getting around Bangkok and worry free.

Bangkok Sightseeing and Places to visit near sky train

Amazing trip to Bangkok near sky train


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Price of private car/van and driver

Limo/ Taxi service to city / main Tourist Attraction Service,

Need help with transportation such as airport arrangement, visit destination.

Bangkok – Floating market – Bangkok (6 hours leave at 07.00) 2,800 THB / Van

Bangkok – Ayutthaya – Bangkok (8 hours) 3,200 THB/Van

Bangkok city tour (8 hours) 3,000 THB/Van

Bangkok airport – airbnb city – 600-1200 THB/ trip

Bangkok – Pattaya1,700 – 2,300 THB/Trip

Bangkok – Hua Hin – 2,500-3,200 THB/trip

Please note that our service is not the same as local taxi. We send our people to stand by at airport. You do not need to wait in line. And we need to go in advance around 1-2 hours before departure time.

For information of hire reliable  tour guide and driver , click here.

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The best way to see Bangkok in a day

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