Things to see at flower market Bangkok, Thailand


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Pak Khlong Talad, 24 Hours Flower Market Bangkok

What is flower market Bangkok?

The flower market in Bangkok or another name as local people called this Pak klong Talat. This is a place where local people come to buy flower , fruit and vegetable which established long time ago.

In 2012 , Pak klong talat was recognized as #4 flower market in the world , (refer Bangkok news ) .

This market has combine 4 market into one. It is consists of Yodpiman market ( ตลาดยอดพิมานเป็นของเอกชน) , Talad songsemkasettakorn Thai (ตลาดส่งเสริมเกษตรไทยเป็นของเอกชน) , Talad Yodfah (ตลาดพุทธยอดฟ้าเป็นของเอกชน) and Talad Ongkarntalad ( ตลาดองค์การตลาดเป็นของรัฐ สังกัดกระทรวงมหาดไทย).

Talad in Thailand is a market with lots of street vender selling goods in stalls or at the market. It is considered as Bangkok’s main best selling wholesale market. Maybe from various types of products that people can get and it’s possible since it’s located next to the river make it easy to access by boat. Not far from the market, inside canal area and upcountry along the river, there are flowers and farm around so this market is located in very convenient location.

Flower Arrangment

Bangkok flower market location near the river of the King of Chaophraya river. The market is situated on Chak Phet Street and also expanded on both sides of the side-streets, very close to the Memorial Bridge.

Pakklong talad is a principle flower market devoted to selling local flower, imported flowers, fruit and vegetable. It is a lively market which is open for 24 hours long. If you do not like the heat, you can add this to night places to visit in Bangkok. If want to go to other sightseeing close by such as the Grand palace, and Wat Pho, Lets tour Bangkok recommend to add the flower market into your list of places to visit in Bangkok during the day.

About The Flower Market in Bangkok

Flower Market or commonly known as Pak Klong Talad in Thai language. Former, this area is the community in Ayutthaya Era. In Thonburi Era, this area was a pier so there is the merchant and this area is the fish market in the reign of The King Rama V, from the historical evidence. Ai the present, Flower Market has been developed to be the market for selling the vegetable, fruit, flower and agricultural products, but the most famous product of this market is a flower. The transportation to this market is quite easy, the tourists can go by the individual vehicle and the expressed boat service.

What the flower market Bangkok has to offer?

Local flower, imported flower, Thai style flower arrangement is the main products in Pak klong talad. Beautiful flower such as jasmine, water Lilly, lotus, marigold, orchid, and rose can be found here. Street vendors hand crafted, some flower into decorating pattern of garland for the purpose to worship the Lord Buddha.

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Thai flower arrangement at Flower market Bangkok

Let-tour-bangkok would like to introduce flower products that common find in the Flower Market

This is called … POUNG MALAI.

Or it is called GARLAND in English.Flower Garland

Garland is made from various kings of flower and come in different side and pattern.

The main element of garland consists of Jasmin flower , crown flower , Cape Jasmine, rose or marigold.

Gently, put the flower in different size and color into the pin. Then move it into the tread. And arrange as preferred design .

So it is hard to made.

But it is very beautiful.

Especially, the wedding garland or welcome special guest. Those garland may cost around 300 – 500 THB each.

Things to Sightsee: Yodpiman The River walk

Yodpiman The Riverwalk is the new community mall near to the Flower Market, this place just opened in 2015 for the tourists who are Thai and foreigners. At this place, the tourist can enjoy with the handmade handicrafts, Thai food and desserts, coffee and drink, etc. Since the area of this community mall is on the canal bank of the Chao Phraya river so the tourists can have the river view from the 2nd floor of this community mall. The operation of this mall is during 10am to 10pm daily.

Flower arrangement for funeral

When is the best time to visit the Flower Market?

This flower market is open 24 hours so the Thai love to come in the early morning. Hotel and flower shops will come here early to pick the best products for use and sell.

Flower Arrangemet

Before mid 2016, there have been a street vender who makes Thai flower arrangement which are garland, and panpun which is very interesting to see.

Lately, the Bangkok city governor decided not allow to do business on predestine. The most colorful street as flower market Bangkok has also been stopped selling things on footpath since then. However, it has still be able to see the flower in the market.

We hope and wish the government, allow merchant come to work in this area again since it is very unique and need to be preserved not for tourist but for all of us.

To answer when is the best experience to visit the flower market is early in the morning. You can see lively movement in the market. It starts from 2:00 – 5:00 am. Well if it is too early, you may come here in the evening too, since it is cool and still lively to hop around the area.flower Market bangkok

Top highlight

Flower is very beautiful and everyone enjoy seeing. Look around for lady to making garlands or Thai set flower bouquet in special event. It is totally different other part of the world. The lady connect different kind of flower all together to create garland or panphum. It could be used for special ceremony such as merit making , wedding or new house celebration.

The King Rama I Monument

Besides to shopping the flowers and enjoy the river view, the tourists can worship to The King Rama I Monument where is quite near to the Flower Market. The King Rama I is the foundation of the Chakri Dynasty of The Kingdom of Rattanakosin. The monument was constructed in 1932 A.D. in the occasion of  the 150thAnniversary of the establishing of The Kingdom of Rattanakosin.

Is it possible to add this place to your day tour?

Yes , it is a good idea to visit Bangkok flower market when you visit old city.

Lets-tour-Bangkok highly recommended to add this flower market Bangkokto your day trip when you visit main sightseeing such as the Grand palace or temple.Ads GuideEscort 728

You could spend around half hour to observe the main street and in theflower market. Or stay longer if you prefer.

What is the Bangkok sightseeing close by Flower market Bangkok ?

The main sightseeing in Bangkok or things to do in Bangkok that close by Pak klong talad, Bangkok flower market , is consisted of the Grand Palace,Wat Pho, Bangkok Canal trip, Wat Arun, Wat prayoon, or Bangkok Chinatown.

The Bangkok sightseeing above is not far from Floating market Bangkok, which can be reach by foot or short ride by boat or tuk tuk.

Behind Bangkok flower markets YODPIMAN board walk and riverside shopping mall. This place has been recently open. After a long walk, you may go there for coffee or a meal .

Note : This is not like the flower market in the western world. It is like wet market . The highlight is to see and observe the way of Thai people making flower arrangement.