Road trip – 10 reasons for driving around Thailand !!

Thailand is one of the most famous travel destinations. Every year, Thailand receives around 30 million visitors to come to relaxing and having holiday here. Visitors like Thailand in different ways and point.

There are also lots of reasons and lot of way to travel and see Thailand. There are also various modes of transport to travel around Thailand.

Today article, would like to talk about Thailand Road trip . Check this out why we think you may like our idea.

Thailand Road trip , what is it?

Thailand road trip is one of keyword people search via google. It has a complete meaning by wording which means travel in Thailand on a road trip.

Basically , it means driving around Thailand.

Guest, nobody would think of walking right around Thailand like.

Tourism Industry .. we call this type of tour package as…


The tour operator will create the route and reserve hotel, tour guide and driver to escort visitors all trip long in various directions.

For starting, WE just want to talk about the Thailand road trip, we would like to encourage everyone to go or participate with this program.Thailand Raod Trip from Bangkok to Nan Chiang rai , Chiang mai

Fact of Thailand

Many people might curious why Thailand Road Trip is interesting. Before, we jump to conclusions, let get down to talk about geography detail that you need to know for fact of Thailand.

Thailand is very not very big by the area. This country area is just 513,120 sq. km. Thailand size is the same as Taxes stage or France only.

But the shape of Thailand is very different from city and country above. It is not round, but look like an ax.

« « «From the most northern province of Thailand (Amphure. Mea Sai , Province of Chiang rai) to the most southern of Thailand (Amphur Betong Province of Yala) , it is 1,650 kgs. Meanwhile, Thailand width 800 kgs, from Amaphure Sirinthorn Province of Ubon ratchathani to the most western of Thailand at Amphure Sangkaburi Province of Kanchanaburi. » »

thailand map adjustIt is very long and wide country, isn’t it.

That‘s one of the reasons why is an interesting thing to make Thailand Road trip .

Let’s get started

1. Because Thailand geographic has a variety in nature and culture that visitor can and enjoy. There are beaches, world heritage, natural wonder, local people, food and believe that different in each area.

Every 200-300 kilometer, people speak has a different accent. The way of living are slightly different. Landscape are also different too. They grow things differently . Along the road trip, you can notice by observation.
Thai language

2. Thailand Road trip can connect you from one famous destination. Each main tourist attraction, such as Bangkok, Chiang mai, Phuket, Ubonratchathani and Kanchanaburi is very from another.

Driving from one famous destination to another one, it takes around 6-12 hours by car. Tourist that have a short time to stay in the country, will take air plan. Travel with Thailand road trip can help you get to another destination, but in the slowest way with a lot of interesting breaks in between.Airplain

3. Do you have a moment that you do not like a lot of tourists? You do not want to be a tourist, but like to be travelling instead. If you want non-touristy attractions or visit small town. Thailand road trip will bring you to those destinations.

Some route, you would not find the bus load of tourist at all. That is in the Isan area or north east of Thailand.

4. Lots of Good thing when visit less tourist destination. You are helping the local economy. You got a chance to buy local products, food and support non-chain or home base hotel. Or perhaps, you will find a souvenir or craft along the road. This is a high value for society and visitors.

Your spending is really helping with income, distribute and open the world for all parties.

5. Historical sightseeing is located in the central and lower northern province of Thailand. Some of those cities have an airport, but some do not. With Thailand Road Trip, it allows you to access the cool city such as Sukhothai, Sri Satchanalai, Lopburi and Kampheang phet.Sukhothai Srisat

There are other places such as Surin, Burirum, Phrea, Nan , Phayao and Chantaburi which is very unique and different.

6. Meet the real villagers or perhaps live with them, work for them, support them. This is a real cultural experience that you hardly get from major town.

What kind of experience with local?

For example, a Thailand road trip can stop at village that you can be a farmer, fisherman, helping in their farm or perhaps create craft work with them. Those experiences are something that you could not do at home. It’s supposed to be fun and educating.Festival

7. Surprise event and festival. Many small events and festival are in reginal areas and has not been promoted by tourism government agency such as Tourism Authority of Thailand.

You will get a chance to see the authentic culture.Elephant Round Up Festival

So it is so real.

And, It was nice to take part of it.

8. Do you like a local market? Each local market, if you walk slow. You observe , you will find variety. You have a chance to meet the food producer. You can talk to them and taste their food. It sounds very ordinary. But it makes some peoples interest in this.

So, it is a chance to taste odds stuff.

It may look odds in your opinion , but who’s know you may like it.Local Market

9. If you are a morning person, you will love this. You will notice life start very early morning for people outside of Bangkok. Local people go to market, Buddhist monk walks to gather food and farmer going to their field for instead.

10. Do you remember the shape of Thailand. It is wide and length, which look similar to ancient ax. Thailand share border with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. It means that you can connect to Southeast Asia destination easily.ThailandBorder

Along the border, there are national sightseeing, market, big river, mountain and tribe. And some area even have a luxury hide away resort or meet villager. Isn’t sound interesting to learn and seeing the southeast?

If you decided to drive around on your own, it is also pretty easy. Now a day, the car rental company are allowing you to drop the car anywhere in the country. Or you can take a trip with tour company when you reserve a Thailand road trip, you can just drop across the border to the next country.

So do you like to join the Thailand road trip yet?

You are not SURE. HAHA, we guest, you do, if you read this long.

Anyway, if you are not interested in Thailand Road Trip now, that ‘s OK too. It is understandable.

However, at least reading this article, you know more about Thailand Road Trip. Later, you can figure it out is this what you need or not. If you plan to do it .. That’s great.

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WHO’s know. ..

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