Getting around the city with Pattaya Transport

Getting around Pattaya transport by song theaw, taxi, motorcycle taxi, an hire car. Pattaya is a big city where is easy to get around. A variety of transports are provided for tourists and local people around the town almost 24 hours. The later at night is the more people go around.  It is safe and cheap to get into local vehicles.
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Song Thaew

Song Thaews are normal means of travel for local people and tourists in Pattaya.  Price starts at Baht 10 for join ride. If you want to hire privately, the price depends on distance. The fare is about Baht 100 from the center to Walking Street.  Most drivers cannot speak English. Showing hotel cards or a map of a destination to the drivers is the best way to go to your route. Negotiation is a skill for you to try it.


There are a few taxis driving around the city of Pattaya. Mostly, they are for transferring to and from Bangkok airport. Price starts from Baht 800 for going to Bangkok Airport. Some include expressway fees, some not. It is very cheap! They are not likely for going for short distance. Taxi stands are mostly near corner side of hotels.


Local buses are provided on Sukhumvit road. They are going to nearby provinces. Less tourists use them because they run only the main street. They have to find local transport to their hotels one more time. Bus drivers and bus conductors can speak a few English words. It is inexpensive, but it is hard for tourists who do not know where to get off. Prices are fixed due to the distance.


Pattaya has an abundance of motorcycle taxis around the city. They are waiting for clients each spot at different areas especially, corners of hotels. The drivers wear either orange vests or green vests. Price starts from Baht 15. You must wear a helmet no matter how far the destination is. For those who want to rent to ride whenever you want and wherever you go, bike rental service is the best way to suit you. Have fun!  Passports are usually taken as a deposit, although some shops will accept a photocopy with a cash deposit of a few thousand baht.

Hiring a car or minibus with professional driver

This is a great option for traveling to go around Pattaya and beyond without getting lost. It is about the same or very similar price as hiring a car and driving yourself. You’ll also be able to relax and enjoy the scenery in air-conditioned comfort. The cost is depending on the type of vehicle and where you are going.

Now you, various kind of Pattaya transport, hope this help you to get around easier.