Chiang Mai attractions , top things to do in Chiang mai


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Things to do

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Alternative Attractions in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is very popular tourist destination for both foreign and Thai tourists. So Chiang Mai attractions have various kinds of option that one could enjoy during to visit. Things to do Chiang Mai start from simply culture, such as visit temple, talk to Buddhist monk to thrilling adventure such as mountain bike, riding on the neck of an elephant and canopy ride to view the jungle.Stay tuned on this page to check it out for Chiang Mai !

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Temple & Palace 

  • Doi Suthep , Royal temple on the mountain top
  • Phuphing palace
  • Monk chats at Wat Umong or Wat Suan dok
  • Wat Phathat Chedi luang
  • Phathat doi cam, a mountain top temple which is perfect for evening trekking and sunset
  • Wat Phrasing, one the most charming Lanna architecture is here.
  • Wat Umong has a special design building which is tunnel connect which is temple for meditation practicing
  • Wat Chiang mai ,a temple with elephant statue
  • Wat Densalee srimuang kan (วัดบ้านเด่นสะหรีศรีเมืองแกน) at Mea tang district which has bountiful Lanna architecture inside
  • Wat Ton Kwen (วัดต้นเกว๋น)
  • Wat Lok Mo lee , temple with mixed culture of Thai and Burmese
  • Wat Sri supn or silver temple with beautiful hall and craft work
  • Veing Kum Kam

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Market , Community & Recreation

  • Warirot Market, Kaad Luang , taste local food and find good souvenir
  • Borsang , umbrella and handicraft village
  • Muang Kon, a small village that you can bring you back to primitive life.
  • Baan Tong luang , Hill tribe village
  • Baan Mea Kampong , small village grows coffee and tea with offer cultural welcome such as baisri suakwan to welcome everyone
  • Wualai walking street during Saturday ,at 17.00-22.00 . shop an eat local product
  • Tha pea walking street on Sunday 17.00-23.00 , shop and eat local product
  • Baan pa pok peang (บ้าป่าปกเปียง) village with rice terrace

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Top sightseeing for taking photos

  • Mea sa waterfall is a fantastic place for photos opportunities
  • Koon Chang kian during late December to early February is a time of prunus blossom (ดอกนางพญาเสือโคร่งที่ขุนช่างเคี่ยน) or visit Koon Wang the similar period (ขุนวาง)
  • Pachor , National wonder of the stone mountain in weird form
  • Hot spring at Sankampeang
  • Riding on a tricycle to old city
  • Hinoki Land , perfect place for taking photos with Japanese looks and feel
  • Klong kan Kang wat (โครงการข้างวัด) small project near wat Umpng which has home made food,  coffee shop and gallery . Every shop is in a wooden house
  • Wat Kate community (an old community which Chinese , western settle here in the old day)
  • Royal Park Rajapruek , beautiful botanical garden with over 1000 types of plantation
  • Canopy walk way at Sirikit botanic garden
  • Walk , shop , drink at Nimanhemin street

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National Park, Waterfall and Hot spring

  • Doi Intranon , National park and trekking is combined with waterfall visit and hill tribe village
  • Mae sa waterfall is just 40 minute from the city and great place for hiking and swimming
  • Bua tong waterfall (น้ำตกบัวตองและน้ำพุ 7 สี) . This waterfall has water all year round
  • Doi Angkang , valley with vegetable and plantation
  • Pa dok Seaw waterfall (น้ำตกผาดอกเสี้ยว) 10 floors water fall inside Doi intranon
  • Oob luang National park (ออบหลวง) kayaking here
  • Doi Tao
  • Doi Pui
  • Hua Tung toa
  • Mea Jeam , small village with rice field, chill out on the bike, it has better gone to Mae Jaem


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  • Plat the rice in Lampang

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Museum , Art and Learning culture

  • Lanna art and cultural
  • Vieng kum kam museum
  • MAIIAM contemporary art museum

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Evening Activities

  • Sunset and monk chanting at Doi Suthep
  • Phathat doi cam, perfect for evening trekking to hilltop and sunset
  • Tuk Tuk ride to old city , bridge and evening food

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Food & Gourmet

  • Cooking Thai food
  • Nam Mea ook hua (eating on the natural spring )

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Health , Relaxing , Body & mind

  • Relaxing at green bamboo massage , operate in cosy atmosphere but friendly service
  • Meditation at Wat Umong

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Things to do outside Chiang mai for 1-3 days

  • Lamapang luang temple
  • Chiang rai visits white temple and golden triangle
  • Pai for tracking to villages and enjoy hot spring

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Adventure and Fun

  • Grand Cayon Chiang mai , place to jump and swim
  • Zipline , canopy riding (jungle flight m, eagle camp, and many more,  including Pongyang Zipline and jungle coaster)

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  • Lampang elephant conservation center

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Romantic activities

  • Thai style and seafood serve at the Paak Dang
  • Find dine at Farang ses which serve France food which you can overlook rice field
  • Balloon riding and propose for marriage

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Things to do with family , Amusement Park , Theme Park, Animal

  • Chiang mai night safari , the best evening show with animal
  • Chiang mai zoo, meet real live panda
  • Tiger Kingdom, take picture with tiger
  • Things to do with the elephant at Mea Sa elephant camp , Mea taman, Chiang doa, Mea wang
  • Elephant sanctuary and learning about elephant, Pattara farm

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Social impact

  • Horse riding audio tour operated by Lampang pony foundation
  • Elephant Bathing program at the Lampang Elephant conservation center

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The must-visit Chiang Mai attractions are

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep 

The temple is located on the Doi Suthep (Doi, meaning the mountain), is the most sacred temple is Chiang Mai with the history so there is one of the important temples in Chiang Mai. By visiting there you will see the golden pagoda which is contained part of the holy Buddha relic inside and one of the conspicuous there is the Naga Bridge over 100 steps. So can say that you are not arriving Chiang Mai without visit the Doi Suthep!

wat doi suthep chiang mai

Doi Inthanon National Park

Is the highest mountain in Thailand, rising 2,565 meters above sea level. The weather is cold all the year round and this is the best place to watch the sunrise. Doi Inthanon National Park has many attractions such as

Doi Inthanon National park

Ang Ka Luang Nature Trail

Is a broad walk surrounded by green forest about 300-400 meters. There are wild birds because Doi Inthanon is house of birds approximately 385 species. If you love nature you will enjoy with this place!

Trekking Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail

This is a fantastic place; you can walk through the rain forest with local tour guide (they do not speak English) to see the beautiful nature, rare plants, waterfall, and wildlife on the walkway for nearly 3km. The highlight of the trip is Red Rhododendron trees; it’s blooming from January-March so that’s the best time for trekking at Kew Mae Pan.


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And you can spend time at the waterfalls

  • Mae Ya Waterfall
  • Mae Klang Waterfall
  • Wachirathan Falls
  • Siriphum Waterfall

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Package tour in Chiang mai

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Chiang mai half Day tour

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Chiang mai full day tour

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The Elephant Camps & Sanctuaries :

If you love the animals, get the opportunity for exploring with the lovely big friend at the Elephant Camps & Sanctuaries, where you will discover the well trained elephant; Wonderful with the elephants’ skill “Elephant Painting“ and enjoy bathing the elephant.

There are many elephant camps & sanctuary in Chiang Mai such as Mae Sa elephant camp, Mae Taeng elephant camp,Chiang Dao elephant camp, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, etc. You can also enjoy with the River Rafting nearby the camp.

Chiang Mai Elephant camp

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It has a lot of activities, such as

▶ Mahout Training 

– They will teach you about the basic importance of elephant care including….

– How to approach an elephant

– How to ride an elephant (But at the sanctuary, you can’t ride it.)

– How to bath an elephant

– How to feed an elephant

– Understand elephant body language

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Elephant bath

One of highlights of the trip. After you know and can control, bath the elephants from Mahout, you’ll have so much fun playing with the elephant in the river. This is a really special experience and the must-visit in Chiang Mai.

Hill Tribe

One of the interesting and colorful lifestyle in Chiang Mai is ethnic minorities, known as the hill tribes. Over hundred years tribal peoples who migrated from Tibet or China for living in the Northern Thailand border and have their own life style. This charmer is attracting the tourists come to visit here.

maetaman hill tribe village

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Mae Rim District

▶ Mon Cham 

– Located on the ridge area in the Mong Nong Hoi village. This is perfect view point of the mountains and the morning sea of mist. With great environment, lovely local people and the weather, here are cool all year round, but if you‘re hungry, don’t worry, there will be a local restaurant with souvenir shop for you.

▶ Eagle Track Zipline 

– Adventure in the jungle upper mountain, see a bird’s eye view, paddy view, waterfall. With a lot of activities of 3 packages, e.g. Abseiling, Kung Fu walk, Monkey Bridge, Zig-zag walk way, Hill tirbe ladder and much more from 35 platforms. If you need a wonderful experience we’re sure Eagle Track Zipline is a cool place to

Chiang mai eagle trek canopy_ride

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Chiang Mai attractions : Museum

Famous museum and gallery Over the 700 years since King Meng Rai was founded Chiang Mai, the museums in Chiang Mai are the perfect educations destination.

The Chiang Mai National Museum

The main museum of Chiang Mai where you can learn the history of Lanna and Northern traditional, also ancient Buddha images. It is located beside the historical temple; Wat Jet Yod.

The Dara Pirom Palace Museum

Is a great heritage. The pavilion is Arts and Crafts style with a wide, long-eaved roof, which covers the attic with dormer windows. The front part is hipped gable, decorated with battens and fitted windows in the middle.

Baan Jang Nak ( บ้านจ๊างนัก)

This is a gallery display the work of Lanna artisan (local artisan) which expires in elephant wooden craving .

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Museum of World Insects and Natural wonders (พิพิธภัณฑ์แมลง)

Collect different kinds of insects around the?? Countries such as butterfly, grasshopper and insects. There are also fossil remains of plants, animals, different types of beautiful stones accumulated. This museum highly concentrations in mosquito more than four hundred species which take more than forty years of research to collect the medical .

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

The gardens are very large, you need a half day to see everything. With a variety of plants, educate natural. You can easily spend walking around. It has a Canopy Walkway, the most popular spot for tourist to see the beautiful mountain view.


A must-see attraction in Mae Rim district, it’s an eco-friendly outdoor museum and park. With much more products made from elephants dungand this is a lovely lace to spend your time with your kids to making paper gifts or stationery!

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Chiang Mai attractions : related to beliefs, shrine and old community

Kru Ba Srivichai

Monument or Kru Ba Srivichai Shrine: Kru Ba Srivichai shrine located on the way to Doi Suthep. The shrine was built to commemorate Kruba Srivichai, who saw the hardship of the climb and started to construct the motor road to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.You can stop for pay your respects and perhaps for a prayer.

Phra That or the Chedi in the northern style

Where is the holy Buddha relic contained. The northern people do not allow the woman to go inside Phra That area because Buddhists are believe that the women, who have the period are not clean enough to the holy area. Otherwise, it is easier to do not allow all women for this case. In Chiang Mai you can visit many Phra That such as Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Phra That Sri Chomthong and Wat Phra That Doi Kham, etc.

Baan Tawai

or the village of handicraft is the renowned source of fine handicrafts of Chiang Mai. It has created numerous wood sculptures and wood carvings both for domestic sale and export with which Baan Tawai earned reputation as the village of woodcarving. Taking a trip to this busy and intriguing centre,30 minutes drive south of the city, is a rewarding half day shopping tour, enabling you to see the craftsmen at work and pick up the best prices for these charming items.

Bo Sang Handicraft center

It is known for its hand-made umbrellas and parasols which are brightly colored and often decorated with beautiful floral motifs painted in dazzling colors. The designs are very distinctive and are instantly recognizable.

Tiger Kingdom

Where you can walk next to the tiger and take a photo with them. Don’t worry the tigers are hand raised by their trainers since young, they’ll teach you “How to touch them” or “How to approach them” but they are still wild animal so you need to respect them.

Chiang Mai attractions : Activities

Beside for visiting the several attractions, you can also enjoy with numerous activities.

Like, shopping at the Walking Street night market Or Nimmanhaemin Road is the nightlife of Chiang Mai. It has many boutiques, cafes, restaurants and bars.

And there are also numerous nightlife activities like; Khan Toke Dinner set at the traditional Lanna restaurant. Khan Toke, northern Thai traditional of eating with food being served in large platters at low tables while you sit on mats on the floor; enjoy shopping at the Walking Street market on Saturday and Sunday.

Chiang Mai attractions : Sightseeing close by Chiang Mai

Chiang Rai

Doi Tung

called the Switzerland of Thailand. Doi Tung is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Chiang Rai Province. Part of the attraction of this mountain-top is the drive up through forests and Shan, Akha and Lahu tribal villages. At the top of the mountain is the thousand years old temple of Wat Phrathat Doi Tung.

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang

The old temple in Lampang province. It is the Phra That (Chedi in Lanna style) of the year of the ox. It is one of Thailand’s most beautiful temples. The finest ornamentation probably dates from the time of Princess Chama Devi (c. 650-700), supposedly the founder of this temple complex.

Mae Hong Sorn

Pai (it is better to stay overnight here)

Is a small laid-back valley between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son town, surrounded by steep mountains. Well-known among backpackers for its relaxed atmosphere, the town is full of cheap guest houses, souvenir shops and restaurants. In the proximity of the town are spas and elephant camps. Further outside of town, there are several waterfalls and a number of natural hot springs varying in temperature from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. Some resorts tap the hot springs and feed hot water into private bungalows and public pools.

As you can see there’s many activities for you to do depending on your desire.

Don’t hesitate to choose this as your new destination.

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Wheret to eat in Chiang mai?

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Things to do

Where to go and what to see in each destination

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things to do in Chiang mai at night

Things to do in Chiang mai at night